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Peptic ulcer is a serious disease that develops in the setting of the chronic gastritis most often. Gastric ulcer (and duodenal ulcer) requires a proper treatment and a special dietary intervention.

Among many drugs that are used for the gastric ulcer’s treatment, as well as for the gastric material’s deacidification, Aciphex 10 mg is one of the most effective preparations that can cut acidity to its normal value rapidly.

Administration of Aciphex 10 mg is accompanied by a significant relief of a patient and on the third day after initiation of treatment the medication contributes to stabilization of the secretory processes in the stomach walls’ cells.


Aciphex 10 mg. What is he Preparation?

Aciphex 10 mg is the anti-ulcer drug, proton pump inhibitor. The medicine is used for regression of the patients with peptic ulcer. The active ingredient of the preparation is Rabeprazole sodium – a solution that decreases the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Thus, the dug reduces the aggressiveness of gastric juice, allows the damaged areas of the stomach’s and the intestinal canal’s mucous walls to regenerate.

Aciphex 10 mg treatment has almost no side effects on the central nervous system, the respiratory or cardiovascular systems. A body’s endocrine system can respond only to a long-term use or excessive dosage of the medication.


Aciphex 10 mg. The Therapeutic Indications

a)      duodenal ulcer in an acute phase;

b)      gastric ulcer in an acute phase;

c)      Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD): erosive gastroesophageal reflux disease (treatment), symptomatic treatment of GERD (i.e. NERD – non-erosive reflux disease);

d)     Zollinger-Ellison syndrome or other states, characterized by a pathological hyper-secretion.


In combination with the antibacterial agents:


–          for the eradication of Helicobacter pylori in the patients with the gastric ulcer and the chronic gastritis;

–          for the treatment and prevention of the ulcer’s exacerbations in the patients with the peptic ulcer disease, associated with Helicobacter pylori.


Aciphex 10 mg. Strength and Efficiency

1. Aciphex 10 mg cuts short the symptoms on 1st day of treatment in the vast majority of the patients with the peptic ulcer.

2. Aciphex 10 mg reaches quickly and supports firmly the optimal scores of the intragastric pH that creates the significant indications for the antibiotics’ antimicrobic action during the course of eradication therapy from the first day of treatment.

3. Aciphex 10 mg suppresses the nocturnal secretion of hydrochloric acid as compared with H2-histamine receptors Quamatel more effectively.
4. Aciphex 10 mg is well tolerated and does not provide the significant side effects.


Aciphex 10 mg. the Medication’s Characteristics

The preparation has a pronounced antisecretory effect, which occurs within just 1 hour after administration of Aciphex 10 mg, and reaches its maximum effect in 2-4 hours after ingestion. If you use the medication, then in 23 hours after the first dose there will inhibition of basal and acid secretion (stimulated by food) up to 62 and 82%.

The duration of the medication’ work is 48 hours. After you stop taking the med, the secretory activity is restored within two to three days.


Aciphex 10 mg. The Recommendations for Administration

The tablet has to be swallowed in one piece without chewing, crushing or grinding. If Aciphex 10 mg is prescribed 1 time a day, it is recommended to take the med in the morning before meal. Neither the time of day nor meal affect the effectiveness of treatment, but the preparation’s administration in the morning promotes better abidance by the treatment regimens.


Aciphex 10 mg. The Feedbacks


My husband was put on Aciphex 10 mg. Since any treatment did not help my husband for more than six months, and he was preparing for cystectomy surgery, he had to cure his stomach.
Started taking this medicine my husband ceased to complain of heartburn and of a constant pain in pit of the stomach. Of course, while taking the med, a diet should be kept. In principle, I recommend this product, because it does not have any side effects and really CURES!!!

Henrietta, 45 y.


I take Aciphex 10 mg in between times. I have gastroesophageal reflux disease. The medicine helps – it kills the pain. The med is good for the attacks’ removal.

Marry, 39 y.


As regards me, Aciphex 10 mg helped me vey much! I was suffering from gastric ulcer for more than 20 years. I was taking this drug only 7 days, together with clarithromycin (as it was directed). It’s a miracle… More than that, the med has almost no contraindications.

Christian, 48 y.

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