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            Asthma is usually caused either by muscle spasm around the airways, or by heightened secretion of harmful mucus, or by swelling in the airways that takes place due to inflammation. In order to treat all these causes by a complex method, effective asthma inhalers should be chosen and used properly.

The Advair Diskus inhaler is a new model for asthma sufferers who are eager not only to treat the disease, but also to prevent further asthma attacks. The medication contains two strong drugs that increase the treatment effect when being taken in simultaneously. Salmeterol belongs to the drug type of beta-2 agonists which affect the muscles surrounding airways and cause them to relax in case of a severe spasm. Flucatisone, which constitutes the other half of this complex medication, is a synthetic corticosteroid related to a naturally produced hormone. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory drug which serves two main purposes at the same time: it reduces the secreted mucus in the airways and stops the inflammation processes, minimizing the swelling that impedes normal breathing. Thus, the complex of salmeterol and flucatisone in Advair Diskus has a double effect on your asthma.

Advair inhalation devices are meant for long-term usage. Being used regularly and in accordance with the instructions provided, they prevent asthma attacks very effectively. However, you should remember that Advair Diskus does not stop the asthma attacks that have already begun, and if you are only planning to use Advair Diskus regularly, do not forget that you need to carry a quick-relief asthma inhaler with you.

The Advair Diskus device should be used always in a level horizontal position without spacers. It is important that you follow carefully the instructions provided with this medication. Never wash the inhaler, especially the mouthpiece, and try not to breathe into it. It is recommended that you rinse your mouth with clean water every time after using Advair Diskus in order to prevent mouth infection and to ease possible throat irritation. If your doctor advised you to take additional medications or to use another inhaler at the same time, wait for several minutes after inhalation before using the Advair Diskus inhaler.

Generally, Advair Diskus has no concrete contra-indications. You should be more careful if you suffer from diabetes since this medication can increase the level of sugar in blood. However, you can still use the inhaler because this side-effect remains insignificant unless you take doubled or extra doses of the medication and cause overdosing yourself. Try to follow the scheduled intake of this drug as carefully as you can, without skipping, adding or doubling the doses.

The medication contained in Advair Diskus is a very fine and almost unnoticeable powder. Some asthma patients cannot feel it when inhaling the medication. But even if you have used the inhaler without feeling or tasting the drug, never inhale more for the same dose since you have already received the needed amount of the medication.

It is always possible to purchase an asthma inhaler without a prescription since asthma is a widespread, inconvenient and rather dangerous disease. If you dislike the idea of going to drugstores every time you need a new inhaler, you may simply buy Advair Diskus online. Such way of purchasing medications guarantees low pricing, prompt deliveries and comfort for you. In online drugstores, just like in regular ones, they sell Advair Diskus without prescription, so that you can get the high-quality inhaler quickly and conveniently.

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