Afterburn Review – Low Impact Cardio (Aerobics) For Menopause Weight Loss


(Aerobics) For Menopause

Get lean and burn fat with Cathe Friedrich’s Afterburn, and guess what? You won’t even leave the ground with these low impact cardio moves.

I recently got hold of Afterburn, a low impact aerobic (cardio) and toning workout led by Cathe Friedrich. I have to say right from the start is that I love, love, love this workout. I didn’t have to jump even once, not once. My knees, my ankles and my back were in heaven (when I could catch my breath long enough to actually feel them that is!)

Cathe Friedrich is the queen of high impact. Virtually all her cardio workouts have a lot of jumping in them with very few exceptions. Sure, it really gets your heart rate sky high and builds power in the legs. That is of course if your joints survive.

I’ve tried doing high impact cardio before but I always had to modify. I tried doing high knees instead of jumping jacks but the intesity isn’t really the same. I also tried doing some of the moves like the tuck jumps from Cathe’s HIIT workout on a trampoline which was quite intense.

But with Afterburn, I don’t have to modify anything in terms of impact. So, back to the workout.


What is Afterburn?

Afterburn is a circuit style interval workout (high intensity interval training – HIIT). Each circuit has 2 exercises – an aerobic exercise and a toning one which are repeated once in each circuit. The toning segment gives you a little time to catch your breath but it’s still really brutal. My heart rate was high all the way through.

As usual, Cathe is very professional throughout. She’s encouraging but pushes you to dig in and push a bit more and her cueing is great.

I’m an intermediate exerciser so Afterburn was not a walk in the park for me. If you’re not an advanced exerciser there’re a couple of things you can do to stop yourself from keeling over.


Afterburn modifications for beginners or less advanced exercisers

  • You can start off doing the weight segments without dumbbells. Gradually add and then increase your weights as you get stronger.
  • Reduce the depth of your movements. When you squat and lunge, don’t go down as low as Cathe and her crew.
  • During the aerobic segments, slow down the pace of your movements so you can complete them without too much stopping and pausing.
  • If you need to, pause and do a few sidesteps or get a drink of water ( I did, no shame there!) You’re working out with some really fit ladies. You’ll get no medals for killing yourself.

Afterburn modifications for knee issues

    • Do backward lunges if the front lunges are uncomfortable. When you lunge forward, you have to slow yourself down (decelerate) which can put some strain on your knees. Backward lunges are the kindest option.
    • The clean and press has some twisting of the leg involved. You may want to slow that one down a bit and do fewer reps so you don’t hurt yourself.

I know this is supposed to be a joint-friendly exercise but you still have to use proper form and do the exercises with concentration to avoid injury.

This might seem like a lot of fiddling around just to be able to do this workout, but for me it is really worth it. I think Cathe is great and I believe this is a workout you can grow with. As Bob Harper says in his Pure Burn Super Strength workout, “Do more today than you did yesterday”. As you get stronger and improve your endurance, you’ll be able to do more.

The music in Afterburn

This is the only thing I wasn’t crazy about. It’s this kind of blah techno stuff that hardly adds to the workout. I must admit, a lot of the time I was working so hard I didn’t notice it. Good music does give you some motivation and energizes you a little, especially when you’re tired. this one did absolutely nothing for me.

Luckily, there is a voice only option so you can use your own music. Yay!

What will Afterburn low impact cardio workout do for you?

Afterburn will help you burn tons of calories. Even though you’re using dumbbells, this is not really a strength workout. It’s aerobics centered with weights added to increase the burn. If you lose some fat, you’ll definitely look more buff. Afterburn is a kind of metabolic training. This has the effect of burning calories during and after the workout.
Afterburn will also increase you endurance.

If you need to strengthen and build muscle, a better option would be one of Cathe’s other workouts like Muscle Max or STS Total Body.

Afterburn premixes

Afterburn has 6 premixes including 3 express premixes (about 30 minutes each) and 3 others ranging from about 50 to 75 minutes.

Don’t be intimidated. Give Afterburn a try and blast that menopause belly fat while you protect your joints with this low impact aerobic workout.


      • Level – Advanced
      • Aerobic Impact- Lower
      • Toning Emphasis – Upper and Lower
      • Equipment – dumbbells, paper cups, gliding discs (or paper plates)
      • Run time – 54 mins (5 mins warmup, 44 mins aerobics/toning intervals, 5 mins cooldown stretch)


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