Allegra (fexofenadine) help to suppress the allergic symptoms.


Allegra fexofenadine


Allergies of any kind can be truly bothersome. In case you suffer from hay fever or non-seasonal allergies and the corresponding symptoms (sneezing, skin itching, swollen face, tongue, or throat), it is better to get some medical help at once. However, you have no need to consult a doctor immediately; instead, you may buy fexofenadine, try it, and consult your doctor at any moment you would like to.

Allegra fexofenadine
Allegra (fexofenadine) is an antihistamine drug which helps to suppress the allergic symptoms by reducing histamine in your body. The very histamine in large amounts produces what we know as allergic reactions. This medication is also used for treating chronic urticaria (hives) both in adults and children. Moreover, it serves some other purposes, but the main one is to ease allergies.
The basic rules of taking Allegra coincide with the instructions for taking any other medication that can be legally bought without prescription. You should always remember that fexofenadine dosage is set strictly for every case of allergy. The schedule of taking Allegra 120 mg or 180 mg should be followed carefully in order to avoid overdosing. If you have missed taking the medication, it is better to skip it. Never try to make up for the missed tablet with the doubled dose next time.
Fexofenadine is a medication that can be affected by other drugs you take regularly. It is important to consult your doctor, whether all the vitamins, herbs, diet supplements and drugs cannot impede each other’s effect. For instance, antimycotic (antifungal) medications such as ketoconazole, also known as Nizoral, can affect Allegra and minimize its antiallergic properties. Allegra ingredients can also enter into a reaction with various antacids, such as fruit juices. It is recommended that you take fexofenadine with a glass of water and never with fruit juice. Avoid drinking apple, orange, or grapefruit juices within at least fifteen minutes after taking the medication.


Dosage varies depending on the age of the person suffering from an allergy. Generally, Allegra 180 mg is prescribed for adults. Lesser amounts are recommended for children from the age of six. Fexofenadine is sometimes used not in tablets, but in oral suspension to treat allergies in children who are only two years old. And if the diagnosis for a baby who is two months old is chronic urticaria, Allegra may also prove very effective.
As for contra-indications for taking Allegra, they include only your being allergic to fexofenadine or your suffering from a kidney disease. While taking this medication, there may appear certain side-effects which are mostly almost unnoticeable, like insignificant headache or drowsiness. Since you can always get fexofenadine without prescription, you may be sure that its side-effects are not serious and you can freely consult your doctor at any moment.
The opportunity to buy Allegra without having to receive a doctor’s prescription first is extremely convenient. Since the medication is provided in tablets, you have no need to measure the liquid oral suspension with measuring spoons or medicine cups. Instead, you may simply buy fexofenadine in the most preferable amount, read carefully the instructions for taking it in the package, and start treating your allergy or chronic urticaria according to them. Purchasing Allegra without prescription is especially comfortable for those who are too busy to consult their doctors very often. As for one of the most effective medications for treating allergies, it will surely prove its high quality and well-deserved popularity.


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