Appetite stimulant medication



Finding a safe and reliable medicine that would have a versatile and powerful effect is not an easy task. Most antihistamines, for example, are used for allergy treatment only. The Periactin drug is a rather pleasant exception: while being an antihistamine and an effective appetite stimulant medication, it can also be used to treat regular migraines.

Appetite stimulant medication


Periactin 4mg remains one of the most popular drugs when allergy treatment is concerned. People take it to treat uncomplicated and mild hives, but this medication contributes significantly to the reducing of histamine – natural amine – in your body. The very substance that causes a bothersome allergic reaction is produced in the muscle tissues naturally, but its superabundance can harm the organism. The pharmaceutical series of special medications called antihistamines was developed to ease allergy symptoms and to cure these unpleasant medical conditions.

The Periactin appetite stimulant is just the same cyproheptadine produced in the form of 4mg tablets. In the new epoch, when most men and women are preoccupied with the problems of being overweight, those who suffer from anorexia nervosa and suchlike psychic disorders or the inability to gain weight naturally, will surely consider the search for the most suitable medication a difficult and tiresome task.

This problem, however, is efficiently solved by the Periactin appetite stimulant. It develops a natural hunger for food and easily increases your regular food intake. The useful components of the medication have a versatile character; you can even use Periactin in cats to treat their chronic renal failure and combat the felines’ loss of appetite.

As a powerful anti-allergic medication Periactin appears to have a number of advantages in comparison with drugs of similar type. For instance, with Periactin migraine becomes an utter remembrance, not a persistent problem. And even though many people choose Periactin to treat migraines or to gain weight, it does not lessen the antihistamine potential of the medication in allergy treatment.

Periactin would be the smartest choice if you are searching for effective appetite stimulants for the elderly. Of course, it should be used with care and all the necessary precautions, like any other medication, but the lesser seriousness of Periactin side effects makes it one of the best options possible. Remember to make use of Periactin weight gain potential to treat the unhealthy weight loss even in the elderly patients, but do not forget to check the professional package insert for more detailed instructions.


      What is Periactin?

In Pharmacology, this medication is also known as cyproheptadine, and produced mainly in the form of 4mg tablets. It is important to follow your dosing schedule (it can be either prescribed or derived from the information in the package); make sure that you never take a doubled dose of the Periactin tablets at once, even if you have missed the previous dose. Overdosing in case of Periactin may cause side-effects. Try also to limit your consumption of alcoholic beverages since this factor is very undesirable if you are taking Periactin for solving any problem described.

Thus, Periactin has a wondrous effect on anyone who is not allergic to the components of this medication. It is easy to order a pack of Periactin tablets in an online pharmacy without going to your local drugstores. This effective medication spurs appetite and weight gain, and helps to treat allergies and migraines. Treating chronic renal failure in cats and dogs is also possible with Periactin.

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