Armour desiccated thyroid

Armour desiccated thyroid is the thyroid hormone drug.
The med increases demand of tissues in oxygen, stimulates their growth and differentiation, enhances the basal metabolic level (proteins, fats and carbohydrates). Also the med has anabolic action in small doses, and catabolic effect – in large. It inhibits the thyroid-stimulating hormone’s secretion, enhances energy processes and has a positive effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems, liver and kidneys.

Armour desiccated thyroid
The Therapeutic Indications:

1) Hypothyroidism of any origin.
2) Euthyroid goiter.
3) Replacement therapy and prevention of bronchocele’s backset after resection of the thyroid gland.

The Peculiar Features and Benefits of the Drug

–  The drug acts on the cause but not on the symptoms, that is, restores genuine thyroid function. The thyroid gland begins to release the amount of thyroid hormones that are normal and necessary for a body.
–  The drug restores the morphological structure of the thyroid gland – thyroid tissue takes a structured form, dissipates palpable dominant abnormality.



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