Armour natural thyroid

Armour natural thyroid – the effective solution for the treatment of the thyroid gland’s diseases


Armour natural thyroid is a unique drug that can not just negate the symptoms of hypothyroidism, but to reclaim the genuine thyroid function, returning it to the normal euthyroid state. The medication has a highest possible width of the therapeutic activity.
The main active ingredient of the drug is mixture of thyroid hormones (T4 and T3) consisting of natural porcine thyroid extract.

The medication is used to eliminate such violations of the thyroid gland’s function as:

–    hypothyroidism (decreased activity of the thyroid gland);
–    hyperthyroidism (hyper-function, Graves’ disease);
–    autoimmune thyroadenitis (Hashimoto disease);
–    euthyroid goiter (diffuse, nodular/multinodular);
–    hyperplasia of the thyroid gland

The preparation’s advantages

• There is no need in life-long med’s administration. After successful course of treatment – the thyroid gland releases the thyroid hormones necessary for the body.
• Safe to use – no significant side effects.



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