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I am 48 years old. A year ago I was diagnosed with Autoimmune thyroiditis and thyroid insufficiency in both lobes of the solitary cold nodules. I was administrating Armour thyroid     (complete course of treatment). Six months later – no nodules, hormones are normal and the hapten-specific antibodies have decreased by 50%. I am going to undergo a phylactic course of treatment the next autumn.

Barbara, 48 y.


After I had delivered my son I, was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. TSH was very high. My locks fell out and my nails broke. In sum, my thyroid body was falling apart right in front of your eyes. My attending physician appointed Armour thyroid. Three months later, the result was as follows: TSH returned to normal and the diagnosis was gone.

Monica, 35 y.


2 years ago I was diagnosed with nodular goiter. First, I was just following up by the physician.  When the nodes had grown, then the doctor offered to pull out nodes. I looked for information about this surgery. It turns out, that the nodes are pulled out together with the part of thyroid body, so I refused to operate. The search for other methods of treatment has led to Armour thyroid reviews.

Armor thyroid stopped the nodes’ growth, and even retracted it a little. The most important thing is that I avoided surgery!

Charles, 51 y.

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