Augmentin.Sepsis of the various genesis

Augmentin is the broad-spectrum antibiotic, which is used to treat the infectious diseases of the different nature. Augmentin is prescribed in the case of such diseases of the various organs and systems as:

•    the upper and low respiratory tract infections: bronchitis, pneumonia, tonsillitis, otitis media, sinusitis;
•    the genital infections;
•    the infections of the skin, moveable joints and bones;
•    sepsis of the various genesis;
•    all kinds of the mixed infections, caused by sensitive and insensitive microorganisms to amoxicillin.
As a general rule, the preparation is well tolerated, the side effects are rare and do not have a salient character.

Augmentin. The feedbacks

When I was diagnosed with pneumonia, I was giving a suck my child and I could not take strong antibiotics. The physician gave advice to buy Augmentin . The preparation is expensive, but I liked the result. The temperature began to fall on the second day after I stated to take Augmentin, the headache was over, and the overall condition improved considerably. The medicine did not impact my child negatively.
Gloria, 27. Glendale (California)

I was having a big sty for a long time. Any ointments and preparations for irrigation did not help. I had to use the antibiotics. However, I was breast-feeding; my physician recommended using Augmentin as the effective medicine for treatment this disease. The inflammation was being on decease rapidly.
Lara, 33. Irvine


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