Awake Patch.Stimulant and accelerates work of nervous system

Awake Patch

Awake Patch
Preparation Awake Patch contains caffeine, which serves as a stimulant and accelerates work of nervous system, brain activity.


Increase in intellectual working capacity

Improvement of indicators of vivacity at patients with excessive drowsiness

Burns fats, releasing fat acids and forcing them to be burnt, therefore promotes weight reduction

It is necessary to place a preparation on a skin surface without hair, the hand inside will approach perfectly. That a preparation in a consequence to remove, it is necessary to wash off carefully warm water with soap. As it is know, caffeine belongs to group of the preparations named stimulators of the central nervous system. It is apply to restoration of work of a brain, increase of working capacity of the patient and vivacity increase. Our brain makes the chemical component named adenosine. When it gets to adenosine receptors our brain, adenosine causes working capacity delay, does you tired. The caffeine structure very much reminds structure adenosine, thus, caffeine contacts adenosine receptors, instead of adenosine.


Thus, it turns out two things: Working capacity of our brain is not slows down, and on the contrary increases Blood vessels of our brain start to be compressed. Our body quickly reacts to changes, increasing rate of work. Therefore, the pituitary gland sends messages to the adrenaline gland to produce adrenaline. Adrenaline made by our organism increases frequency of warm reductions, forcing our heart to fight faster, liver makes more sugar in blood; therefore, in an organism it turns out more energy. If you have no possibility to place a preparation during time, try to apply it as soon as at you to appear possibility.


It is necessary to inform your doctor, if: At your organism there are such diseases, as diabetes, a heart trouble, an anxiety increased feeling, depression, allergic reactions, ulcers. Caffeine should not be accepts during pregnancy. Discuss expediency of reception of a preparation with the doctor. As the preparation small amount appears in chest milk, it is necessary to consult to the doctor before feeding by a breast. Preparation Awake Patch has no by-effects if it is apply according to the ordered dosage. As have shown researches, caffeine destroys a dream. If caffeine was, accept actively in a current of all day or before a dream directly, there can be a dream infringement, the sleeplessness, change of a normal stage of a dream, desire decrease to sleep, reduction of quality of a dream.

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