Jillian Michaels’ Banish Fat Boost Metabolism – Review

After working out with “My Fitness Coach” and “Active” for Nintendo Wii for about 3 months, I decided to ramp things up a bit. My endurance had improved, my thighs had thinned out some and my roll of belly fat didn’t hang down quite as low as it did when I started. I needed something challenging and I didn’t want to be tied to my Wii all the time.

So, in my quest for the ultimate workout solution to help me lose weight, I started working out with Banish Fat Boost Metabolism by Jillian Michaels. She’s a fitness instructor made famous by a tv program called “The Biggest Loser” in the Unites States. I’d never heard of her but the dvd was very popular on Amazon so I got it. I was hoping that the workout would be more inspiring than the name – Banish Fat Boost Metabolism – what a mouthful!
Fortunately, I didn’t spend too much time reading all the reviews on Amazon or I might have given up before I started.

I slotted in the dvd. The dvd starts with a warm-up, then there are 7 circuits each one lasting 6 minutes. Each circuit is made up of a group of exercises performed twice. This is followed by a brief stretch and cool-down segment.
The warm-up was ok with dynamic stretches and I felt good. Then the real workout began and I started to see my life flashing before my eyes. I ALMOST DIED!!!! I had to keep pausing every few minutes because I couldn’t breathe. I think I only got about halfway through before I gave up and crawled to the sofa gasping. I must have drunk at least 1litre of water in 30 minutes, I was sweating that much.

I’m stubborn. 2 days later I was back again and I kept doing as much as I could each time. About a month later I made it through the whole workout (I cannot lie; I still had to keep pausing it). When you get through this dvd you feel like you’ve climbed Everest.

So what made me stop using this dvd? My poor (approaching) middle-aged knees were killing me. A lot of the moves like the ski jumps and the 180 jumps are very high impact. At a point I just did the kickboxing circuits (which is how I found out that I like kickboxing) because it was kinder on my joints.
Eventually I stopped using the dvd altogether. I did it again last week and about 20 minutes in I remembered why I had dumped it in the first place. It wasn’t worth it. There are other dvds that can give you a good workout without destroying your joints especially as you get older.


Another problem was the music. It was so boring and ‘unmotivating’. At least it matched the tempo of the exercises but it was just so dull. I know some people say the music doesn’t matter but if you have great music it definitely pumps you up a little so you can keep going even when you feel like stopping.

Will burn fat and increase your endurance
No equipment needed
You don’t need much space
Dvd is chaptered so you can choose which circuit to do
No choreography to learn
Works your whole body

There are few modifications for beginners
Workout is hard on the joints especially the knees
Music is mediocre
The exerciser Salima on the right doesn’t seem to be working very hard (I like to see them sweating with me)
High dread factor – never looked forward to doing this workout
Jillian’s style is very bootcampy. She talks a bit like a marine sergeant. If you don’t like that you may like to give this dvd a miss.
In the end, this dvd delivers what it promises but I think there are more fun and less painful ways to get similar results.


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