Biosuganril – say “No” to the inflammatory conditions!



Serratiapeptidase is enzyme that controls the biochemical reactions in a body, arranging the very basis of life.

However, most of the diseases are significantly associated with inherited and/or acquired failure or abnormality of the enzymes’ synthesis, very often – with abnormality of the enzyme’s synthesis – Serratiopeptidase. It does not matter, whether it is a chronic inflammatory connective tissue disease, atherosclerosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, tumor growth, osteoarthritis or anything else.


Biosuganril. What is the Preparation?


Biosuganril is the preparation, the active substance of which is a protein-degrading enzyme serratiopeptidase. The medication has a reparative effect in the case of pain or inflammatory conditions.



Biosuganril. The Therapeutic Indications


Surgery: fractures, dislocations, sprains, swelling of various origins, including post-operative, prevention of transplant rejection.

Plastic surgery: depression of postoperative swelling, improve of microcirculation and prevention of transplant rejection.

ENT-practice: treatment of sinusitis, ear infections and other inflammatory diseases of upper respiratory tract, accompanied by phenomena of increased secretion and difficulties of expectoration’s discharge.

Dermatological practice: treatment of acute dermatitis of the various etiologies.

Obstetric-gynecologic practice: reversal of the milk gland’s swelling of the different etiologies.
Biosuganril is also used to improve hematoma resolution, to reduce expectoration’s stickiness and its colliquation, to improve penetration of the antibacterial drugs into the tissues in the case of the various diseases of the upper respiratory tract.



Biosuganril. Strength and Efficacy


In the course of the years of use Biosuganril in the medical practice the preparation has proved its strength and efficacy in the treatment of:


a)      sports injuries, sprains and ligament tears, fractures and sprains,

b)       post-operative swelling,

c)      risk of graft rejection in abdominal surgery not only to improve the healing process, but also to prevent the postoperative adhesions,

d)     treatment of ENT – pathology and inflammatory lung diseases – not only to improve the inflammatory conditions, but also to give the dynamic properties to the respiratory epithelial clearance system through liquefacient effect on expectoration.


Biosuganril increases the effectiveness of treatment of the acute inflammatory dermatoses. The medicine retracts swelling of the mammary glands and it is indispensable in the case of mastitis in breastfeeding due to the med’s high Efficacy and safety.




(helps/does not help?)

the higher  estimate  –

the better



Side Effects

the less  estimate  –

the better




the less  estimate  –

the better







Biosuganril. The Recommendations for Administration


The drug has to be taken per os with or without meal. The pill has to be swallowed in one piece without chewing, washing down with much water. The duration of treatment and the dose depend on the nature and dynamics of the disease and a patient personality traits.

Usually Biosuganril is prescribed per 1 tablet 3 times a day, but, if it is necessary, the dose can be adjusted by your attending medical doctor.



Biosuganril. The Feedbacks


I am treating ovarian cyst by dint of Biosuganril for two months. The results are excellent!
Marry, 55 y.
I had third-degree burn. It was edema after my wounds had healed. Doctor prescribed Biosuganril: 1 tab 3 times a day. I have been taking the med for a week. Edema has decreased!

Stuart, 21 y.
I had painful solid-state internal blood boils at the puncture, especially in zona of the belly button after a laparoscopy. I was taking Biosuganril for 10 says: the result are evident! The med is great, thank you)))

Jenkins, 37 y.


Beiosuganril often gave me the national team doctor, when I was active in athletics. The drug is a versatile and inexpensive. It helped me with sprains, swelling and inflammation of the soft tissue injuries very much!!!

Bill 36 y.



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