Birth control pills.Levonorgestrel


Birth control pills-Levonorgestrel

Even if you take birth control pills – Levonorgestrel for a long time, they will not cause you harm. Also, they will not in any way affect your ability to get pregnant in the future and have a healthy baby. If you decide to stop taking the pills at some time or abandon them altogether, then it had no medical contraindications. You can stop taking them at any time.
So, you are taking Levonorgestrel pills. Synthetic hormones as well as your own, control your menstrual cycle. In this case, they affect the three important points:


1. They prevent ovulation – the egg is not released from the follicle.
2. They change the mucus in the vagina and cervix – it is thick and viscous. This mucus prevents sperm move.
3. They do not allow thickening and loosening the uterine lining and it makes it impossible a fertilized egg to attach to it.
Regardless to safety, Levonorgestrel today are contraceptive pills – the most studied drugs in medical history. Professionals, doctors of different specialties know and trust them.


Dosing and Administration

It should be taken ten minutes before sexual activity in order to get all natural sexual boost.


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