Bob Harper Yoga for the warrior review

Yoga for weight loss and calorie burn

Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior is one of the DVDs in his popular Inside Out Method series. The first time I worked out with Bob was with Yoga for Weight Loss, one of the Biggest Loser DVDs. I enjoyed his calm and encouraging personality so much that I started looking for his other DVDs.

Bob Harper Yoga for the warrior review

So what is Yoga for the Warrior

Yoga for the Warrior is a power yoga workout. There’s no spirituality here, just hard work and sweat. The DVD has Bob with 3 exercisers. The 2 women are doing the advanced workout and the man is the modifier. Bob doesn’t actually do the workout, he just tells them what to do and makes a few corrections in posture once in a while. The dvd has 2 workouts – the main 1hour workout and the 15 minutes yoga for abs workout. You don’t really need any equipment for this workout. If you have a non-slip carpet that will work just fine. Otherwise you may need a good yoga mat to stop you from sliding out of your front door. If you’re just starting or you’re not very flexible, yoga blocks might come in handy.


The main yoga workout lasts about 1 hour. It has lots of the standard yoga moves like upward and downward dog,, warrior poses, standing splits and triangles etc. He does add a few twists like shoulder presses and one-legged pushups. The 15 minute abs section is brutal. There’s not much yoga in it but you will really work your core.

What I liked about Bob Harper’s Yoga for the Warrior

I like Bob. For me, he’s encouraging, calm, supportive but still manages to push you. He also has a sense of humor which comes through now and again. Some people may find him boring, but I don’t. I do prefer him to Jillian Michaels because I’m not really into the bootcampy thing, Jillians language can be off-color occasionally and she can behave a bit manic and forced sometimes. My personal preference.


The 3 exercisers were working hard. You can see them wobbling and sweating. I like that.
I liked the music. It was a bit rocky but not overpowering.

I like the fact that, as with yoga in general, you go as far as you want to go. Robert, the modifier in the dvd is obviously less flexible than the women are but you can see he’s still getting a workout and sweating buckets. You don’t have to be ultrafit and super flexible to do this workout.

The floor stretches at the end are very soothing. I usually end up taking a mini nap at the end.

Some things to watch out for in Yoga for the Warrior

Yoga for the Warrior is not for beginners. If you don’t know anything about yoga breathing, yoga poses and proper alignment, you won’t learn it here. Get a yoga for beginners dvd if you can’t get to a live yoga class. I didn’t appreciate the tough talk at the beginning of the dvd, which was blissfully short. Bob should just be himself. That’s what works best.

All said and done, this is one yoga DVD I keep coming back to. There’s no dread factor for me and I always feel good and worked out afterwards.

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