Cabergoline and suppress lactation

Cabergoline is the preparation for treatment of the diseases, associated or combined with hyperprolactinemia: amenorrhea, galactorrhea, infertility, prolactin-secrete pituitary’s adenoma, acromegalia. Lactating women buy Cabergoline, if there is a need to suppress lactation.

Dostinex (generic name: Cabergoline)

 Сabergoline dosage:

To prevent postpartum lactation Cabergoline is administered 1 mg on the first day after a birth single.

In order to suppress the stable lactation, Cabergoline is put on by 250 mg every 12h for 2 days. The side effects (especially arterial hypotension) are presented less frequently with this Dosing Schedule.

For the treatment of hyper-prolactinemia Cabergoline is administered 1-2 times a week. The initial dose is 250 mcg per week. If it is necessary, the dosage may be increased depending on the therapeutic effect and its tolerability.

The increasing of the weekly dose should be done gradually (500 mg at intervals with 1 month). The average therapeutic dosage is 1 mg per week and can be ranged from 250 mg to 2 mg per week. When the medicine is administrated at the dose of 1 mg per week and above, it should be broken into 2 or more practice per week, depending on the preparation’s tolerability.

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