Try Low Impact Cardio for Menopause Weight Loss


lose the menopause belly fat fast

You want to lose the menopause belly fat fast? Then you need to add some exercise to your sensible eating. If you work out at home then you may be using workout dvds and there are tons of them.
While you may have your preferences in terms of instructors and type of exercise, I do encourage you to do one thing – Go Low Impact

That doesn’t mean you have to chose beginner workouts. Low impact does not necessarily mean low intensity. You will still burn fat.

So why low impact? If your joints haven’t told you already, you need to realize you’re getting older. As you age everything becomes less elastic. Your joints lose some of their cushioning and shock absorbing properties. That means that with every jump and every hop, you’re increasing the wear and tear on your ageing joints. You will feel more stiffness and discomfort if not pain, especially in your ankles, knees, hips and lower back. This you don’t need.


There are several things to get my cardio on but there’s one dvd I’m loving right now. One of my favourite instructors, Cathe Friedrich has just brought out a series of dvds called Low Impact. I’ve been doing “Afterburn” for about a week now and I love it. It’s an advanced dvd and I’m at a moderate level (I don’t knock out 50 push ups before breakfast. Can barely do 10!!). But I modify some of the moves and I find ways to make it work for me. There are about 10 dvds in the series and I’ll try out some of the others as soon as I can.

I’m happy that Cathe realizes that some of us that love her workouts are getting older. We want to spend as little time in the air as possible, but we still want to feel the burn.

So, do yourself a favour. If you’re getting towards middle age and you want to lose that flabby abdomen, go low impact. Incidentally, low impact isn’t only for us gals that will never see the other side of 40 again. Even if you’re in your 20s or 30s and you want to protect your joints, chose low impact cardio exercises and workouts. In 10 years time, joints will be thanking you.

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