Careprost. The solution, which makes your glance magnificent



            Careprost is the newest solution for the eyelashes’ excrescence. The effectiveness of this product is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Careprost provides guaranteed results – the natural and gorgeous eyelashes.


The eyelashes’ state is the determinant of beauty of the eyes: the magnificent upper lashes make glance deep and sensual, thick lower eyelashes add image openness and vulnerability. At the unconscious level, long thick eyelashes are picked up by others, as a sign of youth and health. Careprost is the preparation, which will make your glance as attractive and eye-filling as you ever dreamt about.



What is Careprost?

Careprost is a revolutionary solution for the eyelashes’ growth. Thanks to the latest patch testings, the medicine helps to achieve a noticeable effect and growth of the eyelashes after just four weeks of its practice. And the absolute result is achieved in 16 weeks. The eyelashes get longer, thicker and darker, if you regularly apply Careprost before going to bed.

It is especially pleased to note that this solution helps absolutely all people who use it. There are no cases, when Careprost would not work. The medicine in the form of drops, not only lengthens the eyelashes, but makes them bulky and dark!

If to treat the corners of the eyelids by dint of Careprost during one month, than your eyelashes grow longer up to 25-50%. The test, conducted with 280 women-volunteers, has shown such results. Also the researches have shown that the eyelashes’ hairs is 106 percent tougher and stronger and is18 percent darker! Careprost is the only solution, approved and registered by the Ministry of Health of the United States, which effects the growth of the eyelashes in the most effective way.


The chemical structure of Careprost

The chemical structure of Careprost


How does Careprost work?


The key active ingredient of Careprost is Bimatoprost – a fatty acid, which is found in almost all the body’s cells in small doses.

After application of Careprost along the growth line of the eyelashes, Bimatoprost penetrates to the hair follicles and stimulates their blood flow, creating a kind of digest medium for growth. The product is not greasy or sticky, has a watery consistency. When drying, it does not leave spices and unpleasant sensations.

The clinical studies, conducted by a global specialty pharmaceutical company Allergan Inc., have shown that the eyelashes are up to 25% longer, up to 106% thicker and up to 18% darker after 4 months of using the medicine. In the U.S., Careprost is so famous preparation that it is sold by millions of copies. Among the stars, who use this solution are Brooke Shields, Claire Danes, Jenny McCartny, Megan Fox!

Here it should be noted that Careprost is the solution, which stimulates growth of the eyelashes as well as growth of the eyebrows and even chevelure. The numerous “volunteers” from the users of the medicine, who contrary to the instructions, experimented with increasing their eyebrows witnessed the positive results.



Careprost. The benefits and advantages

The most important and obvious advantage of Careprost is a natural result. According to this parameter, either false lashes or semi permanent eye lashes can not be compared with the results, which Careprost gives. In addition, it is known that the low-quality semi permanent eye lashes can result in damage of the structure of the ciliary hairs. Careprost, on the contrary, strengthens your own lashes and improves their structure. This effect is formally fortified by the Ministry of Health USA (FDA).

In addition, Careprost is more cost-efficient than anything that can be found in the market of the eyelashes. One package of the preparation (3ml or 60 drops) is enough for 6-7 weeks. So, two or three packages are enough to achieve maximum results you need. Then, after you have reached the desirable effect, there is enough to apply the solution 1-2 times a week.



By which characteristics is Careprost better than other solutions for the eyelashes’ growth?

To date, Careprost is the only remedy, which really promotes the eyelashes’ growth. The preparation is patented and is approved for use by the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development. So, the product is absolutely safe and does not cause harm to health.



Can Careprost be used instead of mascara?

No. The product is not mascara. Careprost is the solution for the treatment of the insufficient number of the eyelashes. However, mascara can be used in addition to Careprost. But after a few weeks of the product’s use, the eyelashes become so long and thick that you do not need to use mascara any more.



What should I do if I forget to put Careprost one day?


There is no need to try to make up leeway. You should continue to apply the product within the established timetable. Of course, try not to forget to apply it every evening.




Careprost. The detailed instructions for use
Step 1.

The recommended dose is a single application to the skin of the upper eyelid at the base of the eyelashes before retiring to bed. Remove makeup, contact lenses or any other means before applying the solution.

Step 2.

Holding the brush horizontally, hold the bottle as close to the brush as it is possible in order do not miss a drop off the bottle. After, drip one drop at the base of the brush (but not on the tip of it).

Step 3.

Draw out the brush at the base of the eyelashes of the upper eyelid at once.

Step 4.

If the liquid has got on the face, wipe it with a sponge.




Do not drip in your eyes! The solution must be applied once a day. It is not recommended to use on the lower eyelids, as it can cause the excessive growth of the eyelashes. The contact lenses should be removed before using the preparation and you can put it back 15 minutes later only. The growth of hair on the skin in the areas where there is frequent contact with the solution is possible. To avoid this, in the case of contact the solution with the skin (except the upper eyelid), this place should be got wet with a thin cloth or other absorbent material.

Do not wait for too quick results and do not leave using the solution, if you do not notice any visible changes after a short time of the product’s application! A bright effect will take a time – from 3 weeks to 4 months of regular use.


          About the Brushes

The eye-brush can be purchased at the art-stores or beauty departments. The main thing – it should not be too large to prevent excess absorption of the preparation and not too small to hold a drop. Usually it is the brush under the number № 2-3. The brush should always be clean and dry to prevent the ingress of bacteria in the eyes.

To see the full result of the growth of your lashes, take a picture before you start treatment. Take pictures every 4 weeks to see all stages of the growth.


          Careprost. The Feedbacks


I would like to thank you for the miracle cure. I am not afraid of this word! The drug really works, without lies and embellishments. I hoped to get at least 20% of the eyelashes’ increase. But got nearly 85%! One bottle of the product is enough for quite a long period of time. I put a big “+”. I am very happy, Careprost works and does not cause any inconveniences. Now I always look so, as I have just made up.

Vivian, 24 y.


The words of my husband have become the best reward and at the same surprise for me. He said that he had not noticed before, that I had such long and magnificent eyelashes along with my other calibers. And he added:  “You are my ideal”)). I am very glad that I have not passed by this speciality at one time.

With thanks. Carolyn, 41 y.


My story had begun when I saw the insanely long eyelashes at my bonne amie. I was sure that she “hitched” the lashes. There was no limit to my surprise when I realized that the lashes were her. She told me about the magic solution. I am so happy that I can not imagine that there was a time when my eyelashes were short.

Rosemary, 33y.

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