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Natural estrogens – Menosan

 Menosan is a natural food supplement to struggle with menopause. The included drug herbs contain natural estrogens (or phytoestrogens) and are recommended for women during menopause. A unique herbal combination helps women to cope with…

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Vaginal gel. V-gel

 V-gel. Formula and Medical claims V-gel is a colorless, transparent water-soluble vaginal gel based on hydroxyethyl cellulose. The medicine’s ingredients reclaim the natural vagina’s microflora, providing moisturizing and lubricating effect. The product contains no fat…

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Estrace and vaginal dryness

 A form of estrogen is called Estrace. It is sex hormone of female produced by the ovaries. Estrogen helps many processes in the body. Estrace is necessary to deal with menopause symptoms such as irritation,…