Cefixime Oral Suspension – the safest oral semisynthetic antibiotic

Cefixime Oral Suspension. What is the Preparation?

            Cefixime Oral Suspension is the effective and safe oral semisynthetic antibiotic. The medication is defined by a wide spectrum of antibacterial action, high efficiency and safety. It is used to treat the respiratory tract and upper respiratory tract infections, the infections of bones, skin, uncomplicated gonorrhea and the Gram-negative infections in children.



Cefixime. Molecular Structure



 Cefixime Oral Suspension. Back to History

The medication was developed and studied in the laboratory of the Japanese pharmaceutical company Fujisawa Research Laboratories in the late 80s of the XX century. Cefixime Oral Suspension came into the market in 1987.

Till the year 1999 the preparation was produced in the U.S. by the pharmaceutical company Wyeth. To date it is manufactured by the world’s largest manufacturer of the anti-TB drugs – Lupin Ltd.


Cefixime Oral Suspension. What Diseases does the Preparation Treat?


The infectious- inflammatory diseases, caused by organisms susceptible to Cefixime Oral Suspension:


a) sequential therapy of various Gram heavy infections in children after reaching a consistent effect from the use of parenteral cephalosporins;

b) urinary tract infection: mild and severe pyelonephritis, acute cystitis (caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae, Streptococcus pyogenes, Haemophilus influenzae, Moraxella catarrhalis, Enterobacteriaceae);

c) otitis media;

d) pharyngitis, tonsillitis (sore throat), sinusitis;

e) acute and chronic bronchitis;

f) scarlet fever;

g) infections of bones, skin and subcutaneous tissue;

h) outpatient medicine of uncomplicated gonorrhea (urethra or cervix uteri);
i) dysentery.


Cefixime Oral Suspension. Treatment Success

Treatment success, when taking 1 per day

– tonsillopharyngitis – 92,6%;
– pneumonia (90.9%);

–          chronic bronchitis’s exacerbation (72.2)%;

–          sinusitis in children (97.8%);

–          otitis media in children (96.0%);

–          urinary tract infection (95.0%).


Clinical efficacy of Cefixime Oral Suspension is 87%.



What are the Advantages of Cefixime Oral Suspension over Cefixime in tabloid form?


Therapeutic indications of Cefixime Oral Suspension have a number of advantages over Cefixime in tabloid form.

The advantage of Cefixime Oral Suspension is the ability to prescribe the medicinal substance with a strictly defined particle size, thus regulating rate of absorption.

The most valuable advantages of Suspension are:

rapid absorption of the medicinal substances ,

– easy-to-use ,

– dose accuracy.

Cefixime Oral Suspension. The Recommendations for Administration

Before you start preparing Cefixime Oral Suspension you have to turn over and shake the bottle (in order to loosen powder) then add cold boiled water to the sign, marked on the bottle. Shake the bottle until you get a congenerous suspension.

Take Cefixime Oral Suspension no earlier than in 5 minutes after compounding. Suspension has to shaken carefully before each administration.

The adults and children over 12 years (or more than 50 kg) should take 8 ml/kg/day or 4 ml/kg every 12 hours. The maximum dose is 400 ml/day. In the case of uncomplicated gonorrhea, infection of urethra or cervix the recommended dose is 400 ml 1 time/day.

The children in the age of 5-11 years (or less than 50 kg) should take 8 ml/kg 1 time/day or per 4 ml/kg every 12 hours.

The children in the age of 2-4 years should take 5 ml, at the age of 6 months to 1 year – 2.5-4 ml.

In the case of the diseases, caused by S.pyogenes the treatment course should be 10 days at least.


Cefixime Oral Suspension. The Feedbacks


Cefixime Oral Suspension prescribed me a doctor. He said that in the case of bronchitis it is the best solution. It really helped me. The med is perfect, has no side effects))

Ronald, 46 y.


My child had a protracted cough that was protracting for 4 weeks… Our family doctor sent us to take an X-ray. The X-ray showed acute bronchitis. The doctor prescribed Cefixime Oral Suspension. We took the med in a dose, put on by the therapeutic. The med has fought off a cough and towards the end of the treatment it has disappeared!

Barbara, 30 y.


Hello. Our family doctor said that I had pneumococcal bacteria in my body, because I had had pneumococcal pneumonia as a child. But these bacteria “became active” and “rub” my immunity after I had come down with the flu. I was upset very much!!!

The attending physician prescribed Cefixime Oral Suspension 4ml/kg every 12 hours. I was tested after treatment: Cefixime “has killed” the pneumococcal bacteria! Now my immune system is back to normal!))))


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            The Support Service

The professional staff of our pharmacy is here to help you with the purchases. We will answer all your questions, advice on the specifics of this product and its administration as well as inform about the contraindications.

Our logistics service is ready to deliver Cefixime Oral Suspension to any address in any day of the week and on the weekends.

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