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            Allergies to various irritants are caused mainly by a specific chemical substance – amine called histamine which is released from the body tissues and is the reason behind all the unpleasant and bothersome allergic symptoms. The list of the most characteristic symptoms of allergies includes swelling and watering of the eyes, their red color, a runny nose, itching of the skin, swelling or closing of the throat and contracting of the muscles which impedes the normal functioning of the airways. Both seasonal and non-seasonal allergies may be accompanied by severe inflammatory processes which add to the suffering of the patient.

However, even though histamine is a rather dangerous substance which can lead to serious consequences if collected in the organism in significant amounts, there is a whole group of pharmacological products that prevent the most widespread allergic symptoms and are used effectively all over the globe in the treatment of allergies. The medications of this group are generally called antihistamines and include Claritin, Atarax, and a number of other well-known powerful preparations. Some of them are used not only in treatment of allergies, but also in treatment of anxiety, anorexia nervosa, migraine, sleep problems (insomnia), and asthma. Other medications serve their primary purpose only and prevent the allergic symptoms.

A nice example of the medication of the second group would be presented by Clemastine antihistamine. This preparation is generally known under its commercial name of Tavist generic and has proved its high effectiveness during strict and elaborate lab tests. Being itself a strong antihistamine medication, Clemastine stops itching of the skin, swelling of the throat, runny nose, watering and swelling of the eyes as well as the inflammatory processes around the organism’s airways caused by allergic reactions. Meclastin eases the allergic symptoms and allows a healthy, normal lifestyle without itching and swelling. Sometimes drugstores may sell this preparation under the name of Clemastine fumarate, but its effectiveness and high quality never change.

As for the instructions for taking Clemastine 1.34mg, they are put in detail on the information labels of every professional package insert for the medication. Always keep it out of reach of children and stored away from moisture and heat at the room temperature. The Tavist allergy medication should be taken regularly and in accordance with the individual set dosing schedule. Never try to take a doubled or extra dose of the preparation. It is also not recommended to drink any alcohol beverages while taking Tavist generic because the medication can enter into a reaction with the alcohol and have an undesirable effect. The side-effects of this drug are similar to the usual side-effects of any medicine, though there can be no such troubles at all: some people do not even experience them, and some do not notice the side-effects of the medication because they are insignificant and not bothersome.

If you are eager to choose the most suitable medication for treating allergies yourself, you can always buy Periactin online or purchase Tavist generic and have a great deal without even leaving your home for a visit to the local regular drugstore. Online drugstores have a lot of obvious advantages in comparison with the pharmacies in your place of residence. Even though you can purchase Periactin without prescription or Clemastine 1.34mg at the same price as in the local pharmacy, the efficient delivery will economize both your time and money.

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