Clomid and pregnancy !!!!!!!!!!!

Now it’s known, that Clomid can cause undesirable effects if woman will take it during pregnancy.

Citrate of clomiphene is very dangerous in such period. Drug was tested on animals, which were pregnant. After experience and recieved effects specialists clarified that taking Clomid during pregnancy is risk of losing the fetus.

Administration of the Drug and the U.S. Food use special category to classify possible risks, that can occur if pregnant woman takes medicines. Group of the medicines, which impact negative on pregnancy, were named Category X. Such drugs can create risk to a fetus. But in the same time Clomid has never been tested on pregnant womans in clinic. It’s considered unethical measures. However on base of the animals experience, can say that Clomid can be potentially cause to disorder of pregnancy.

Actually medicine of the Category X isn’t recommended during pregnancy.

Your doctor should compulsorily be sure, that you aren’t pregnant before prescribing Clomid.

If you are pregnant should not be used Clomid.

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