Couple Pack (Male & Female Viagra)/100mg/100mg x 20 (pill)

We propose a sparkling zest of the market of the products for potency enhancement – Couple Pack (Male & Female Viagra). Couple Pack is designed for the married couples. Buying this mix , you save money as well as retrieve the wildfire of passion. Family Pack is the best alternative at a fair price!

Couple Pack (Male & Female Viagra) is the perfect choice for lovebirds, who feel about their privacy with a gentle hand and who wish to give and to get maximum pleasure. Using this Pack before intimacy, you get a magical delight and incomparable emotions of the unlimited pleasure and joy.

Couple Pack (Male & Female Viagra). The Feedbacks


A day or two ago my husband I have had just a taste of this Pack. We liked it very much! The effect is incredible. It was thrilling!!! And from my point of you, it is not shamefully. We live in a civilized world, and if there are such capabilities, why not?! Couple Pack (Male & Female Viagra) is a godsend for those, who like the adrenaline buzz! I advise you, you will not regret!

Penelope, 35 y.


Yeah, my wife and I did not experience such feelings long ago, though we have been married for 8 years already. Joan persuaded me to try this Pack on the New Year’s. She decided to throw a real party for both of us. I do not regret that I spent this festive evening at home, or somewhere in nightclub or in bar with friends.

Justin, 41 y.


It is the coolest thing undoubtedly. My wife and I decided just to try. We bought the Pack and were satisfied with our purchase.  We enjoyed enormously, I had so much drive that it was hard to believe. So, now I recommend Couple Pack (Male & Female Viagra) all my friends.

Christian, 44 y.



More details about Male and Female Viagra

Male & Female Viagra

Female Viagra – the optimal solution to stimulate woman sexual desire

A lack of woman sexual desire: a shot across the bow


Although a female impotence is the issue, about which not every woman wants to talk. Today a female impotence is one of the most common sexual conditions around the world.

And if the woman impotence is not treated, it bay result in complete frigidity.

It is fatefully to keep in mind that not every case of reducing sexual desire reflects the impotence. Stress can weaken woman’s mood for sex. However, if the desire is not there more than two weeks, it is the first mater for visiting specialist.


The reasons of the woman impotence


As for possible reasons of the woman impotence, these are physical, hormonal and psychological factors. The physical cause of the woman impotence may include physical injury (such as those connected with the accident). Physical factors may also include some diseases (e.g., herpes). Here it should be mentioned once more: if the woman impotence is not treated properly, a lack of woman sexual desire can turn into a complete frigidity.

If the reason of the woman impotence is the hormonal imbalance, than it is temporary impotence and it is subsided after a while (when the hormonal balance returns to normal). Generally, the hormonal imbalance is fraught with such negative consequences stress and emotional strain. In turn, stress and emotional strain upset the normal functioning of glands and, therefore, disrupt the hormones’ work, responsible for stimulating sexual desire. That is why woman can not feel sexual desire.

As regards to the psychological reasons of the woman impotence, it is, probably, the most difficult to treat. Typically, it takes several years of therapy for a complete “health”. It has a sense to emphasize that psychological disorders disturb a proper functioning of the woman sexual arousal’s mechanisms.

Moreover, a nature of the psychological trauma is much harder to see, when it is subject to women. Especially, because most of woman are in no hurry to talk about (it makes a process of discovering the reasons of the woman impotence much longer). At the same time a lack of sexual desire because of the emotional factors (towards the particular sexual partner) is considered to be normal. It is not a form of the woman impotence. In other words, most women simply can not feel sexual desire, when they do not have feelings towards the particular partner (it is perfectly normal and is not the woman impotence).



Female Viagra. The best way to grapple with the woman impotence


However, the modern medicine’s advances have made it possible not only to facilitate the process of determining the causes of the woman impotence, but also to eliminate the problem completely. Female Viagra helps at nearly 100% of cases of the sexual impotence’s treatment. Female Viagra is the patented preparation, which has lasted numerous clinical check studies. These check studies have confirmed the medicine’s effectiveness for virtually 100% of women.

The statistics shows that the effects of the experiment, where approximately 300 women aged from 19 to 65 years were engaged (half of them administrated Female Viagra and the second half – placebo, i.e. a dummy pill), showed that the half administrated a blue tablet got more satisfaction at their sex life and felt orgasms fivefold oftener.


           Female Viagra. The Advantages


Female Viagra makes a complex effect to a woman body. The preparation increases sexual desire as well as sensitivity of the erogenous zones and level of vaginal moisture. Thus, Female Viagra makes it possible to get unforgettable sexual sensations and orgasms during every sexual intimacy. The additional advantages of the medicine are:

Increase of the testosterone level in blood.

Increase of libido in most cases.

Increase of sensitivity of the erogenous zones during sexual stimulation.

Positive effect on the health of pre and postmenopausal women.


Female Viagra. The important things to know


Female Viagra is the effective preparation for treating a lack of woman sexual desire. It is the first preparation from the group of ED drugs. The medicine relaxes the smooth muscles of blood vessels, contributing to a strong rush of blood to the genitals. However, the effect is achieved, when there is a sufficient level of sexual stimulation.

Female Viagra is not the substitute to the natural mechanisms of the sexual arousal, the medicine just reinforces them.

Initially, the preparation has been developed to improve a blood flow to the myocardium. But as it has turned out, its effect on cardiac blood flow is minimal, but the sexual stimulation of the medicine is sufficient.

The preparation does not effect a reproductive function. The drug works within 3-4 hours.


Female Viagra. The recommendations for administration


The recommended dose of the medicine is 1 tablet per day. The effect of the drug comes within 45 min. after its taken and lasts for at least 4-6 hours. It is rather convenient for a woman and does not require to plan and control time of sexual intimacy (getting nervous that the validity period is about to elapse).

Of course, Female Viagra acts individually for every woman (because of their personal psychological and physiological characteristics).

However, it is proved clinically that enhancing of sexual sensations comes in all cases without exception. The medicine is effective for all women, without exception. Moreover, Female Viagra helps to solve the problem of increasing a natural lubrication (for women with a natural vaginal dryness)


Male Viagra – the optimal solution to stimulate man sexual desire


Male Viagra. What is the preparation?


The well-known fact is that men have to give much attention to their health on order to have qualitative sex. Of course, the problems of erectile dysfunction are not life threatening, but they are not secondary. Because sexual health is one of the most important parts of man’s life, the pharmacists have developed the effective and safe solution of the erectile dysfunction’s treatment. It is Male Viaga.

Male Viagra is the world-known and popular medicine for the erection’s improvement. The active substance of the product is Sildenafil. The principle of Viagra’s effect is increase of blood flow to cavernous bodies of penis that causes a strong sustainable erection. The medicine belongs to the first series’ group of preparations for the erectile dysfunction’s treatment.

In addition, Male Viagra is really a good treatment for those, who suffer from the side effects of antihypertensive drugs. In a word, it is the medicine for every man, who wishes make his sex life more vivid and intensive. But, please, do not forget about psychological contact between man and woman during sexual intercourse, sexual games and preludes. Be always in a good tonus!


Male Viagra. The benefits


The positive effects of Male Viagra, which note all men, who have used the product are:


a)      more stable erections that allow you to perform sexual intercourses longer and more often,

b)      a desire to change positions during the intercourse,

c)      increase the frequency of the re-erections, arousal occurs faster and erection develops as quickly as you wish,

d)     a mighty increase of the sexual organs’ sensitivity,

e)      an ability to remain firm after ejaculation for a long time.


If you feel uncomfortable while buying Viagra in pharmacy, this website is for you!  

Buying Male Viagra  here, you:

– save your time and money (because we have the lowest price for Viagra over the Internet);

– get out of sensation of discomfort while buying Viagra in the stationary pharmacy.


Also we keep anonymity and confidentiality of your data. If you buy Couple Pack (Male & Female Viagra) here, you will get the really effective treatment that will improve your sexual life. Stop thinking, just order it and live a happy life without any dysfunctions. We provide the original quality and the lowest prices!


Male Viagra. The recommendations for administration


The preparation should be taken per os per 1 tablet in 5-15 minutes before sex. The recommended dosage is 100 mg (1 tablet), the minimum dose – 50 mg. Viagra works after sexual stimulation only, in 20-40 minutes after its administration. The duration of the preparation’s “work” is about 6 hours. Wash down a pill with plenty of water.


Male Viagra. The Feedbacks


I am 65. Several years ago I felt the first problems with potency (my penis was “limp”). I was advised Male Viagra. I bought it, tried and was very pleased. It is wonderful medicine, exactly what I need at my age! And there are no side effects. Now penis gets up quickly and my erection as a bayonet. One tablet is enough for me for two times. I recommend Male Viagra all my friends.

Allan, 65 y.


Good day. I have recently tried Male Viagra. The first results I noticed in 20 minutes after the medicine’s administration. And the tremendous erection I got in half an hour! Summing up, I can say that the preparation work as it was promised. Thanks for new emotions.

Howard, 36 y.


My potency has become rather weak with age; the desire to have women has downturned too. So, I decided to try Viagra. The results exceeded all my expectations and not only my expectations)). I felt the incredible erection in 30 minutes after administration (I had only to think of the woman, who was waiting for me in the bedroom). It’s a miracle to feel a sexual power I had when I was 20 years old.

Donald, 43 y.




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