Cream for treatment eczema


Cream for treatment eczema


What is eczema?

Eczema is a skin chronic inflammation that occurs with the terms of exacerbation and remission (remitting of the inflammatory process).

As a general rule, eczema appears on the skin of hands and feet, as well as on the face, but the fire may develop at any other skin area.

Cream for treatment eczema


The eczema’s signs and symptoms



The symptoms are varied, depending on the disease’s type and the inflammatory process’s developmental stages. The main signs, specific to all types of eczema, are:


       The fire appearance, characterized by redness (or blue discoloring skin), the skin looks thicker.

       The appearance of the rash on the inflamed zona. The rush has its own characteristics for different types of eczema.

       Skin itch, which may be permanent. Such skin itch breaks daily activities and sleep.

       There are painful disruptions and brines, when the rush’s opening

       Temperature rise body, when eczema is recrudesced.

       Skin becomes dry; it chaps and loses its elasticity after the fire remits.



Treatment of eczema

Treatment of eczema is interindividual and depends on the type of eczema, stage of the disease, severity of the disease, presence of the after-troubles, man-age, etc. Only an attending medical doctor  finds the eczema’s therapeutic approach after general surveying. Do not self-medicate, as this may lead to anabasis and the complications’ development.


The underlying principles of treatment of eczema are:

a)      avoiding contact of skin with the irritant agents,

b)      healthy eating,

c)      if it is necessary to negate itch, a patient needs topical treatment by dint of the cream for treatment eczema, general treatment with tablets and injections.


In the case of vera, dyshidrotic and other forms of eczema, which are followed by the follicles’ opening and the skin’s soaking, the soaking therapy with antiseptics: 2% boric acid, dilution of potassium permanganate, 0.025% silver nitrate, etc. can be prescribed for several days. The soaking therapy is put in the following way: bandage or gauze is folded in several layers and is soaked in the antiseptic solution, and then is applied to the damaged skin’s zona for 7-10 minutes.

The main method of treatment of eczema is ointments and creams, containing special hormones (corticosteroids). Due to these solutions the healing process of wounds and disruptions can be accelerated. Also the solutions reduce the fire’s intensity.

  1. Elocom is available as cream, ointment and lotion, and when these solutions are used properly, they charm away the fire and reduce the symptoms of eczema. Elocom is recommend to apply to the fired skin by a stripe one time per day. The length of treatment is determined by an attending physician.
  2. Advantan is also available in different Pharmaceutical Dosage Form. Oil reach cream Advantan is recommended in the case of very dry skin, such as dyshidrotic eczema. Usually cream Advantan is prescribed to treat eczema in the weeping stage. The drug is applied to the skin by a stripe one time per day. The length of treatment is determined by an attending physician and may be a few months.
  3. Lokoid is available as cream and ointment, which should be applied to the skin in the areas of fire 3-4 times daily for several weeks.

You should remember that local solutions, containing corticosteroids have side effects: skin thinning, tendency to adherence of the bacterial and fungal infections, etc. That is why attending physician can prescribe such medicines.



The limits in daily life, the prevention of the chronic eczema’s exacerbation

All people, who suffer from the chronic eczema, should know the substances after contact with which they have the disease’s exacerbation and avoid them. Leave out skin contact with the any detergents, washing powders, etc. during the eczema’s exacerbation. It is important to pay attention to the dress: you should not wear woollens and synthetic dress, it is better to give preference to cotton cloth during the disease’s exacerbation.

In the case of the professional eczema a patient has to change jobs and never contact with the irritating substances. If do not stop the contact with the irritant, then each new exacerbation is much heavier than the previous and may lead such complications as erythroderma, addition of the bacterial infections, etc.

If the eczema’s exacerbation occurs in the cold season, you should carefully protect skin from cold and dry in the wind. You can use oil reach creams or hand and face liquid paraffin (if they do not irritate the hands’ skin are not allergens) before going out on the street.


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