Danocrine – the preparation for reducing the function of the sexual glands

Danocrine is the inhibitor of gonadotropin’s production

The indications for application:

Danocrine in the context of anty-gonadotrophic anastalsis (aimed to reduce the function of sexual glands) is used for:

•     the endometriosis’s treatment (the appearance in the various organs the tissue’s portion that is similar for its structure with the venter’s operculum and that are undergone rhythmical changes to a menstrual cycle, consequently) with the associated infertility;
•    the treatment of the innocent neoplasms of the glandula mammaria (fibrocystic mastitis, etc.);
•    the treatment of a premenstrual syndrome (worsening of the state health before the incipience of a menstruation).

Danocrine testosterone helps when there is Gynaecomastia (men’ glandula mammaria’s enhancement) and when there are other diseases, when the suppression of gonadotropin’s secretion is exhibited (pituitary hormones that stimulate the activity of the sexual gland).

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