Physician Patient Follow Up from Diagnosis Until Postmenopause

Diagnosis Until Postmenopause


  1. Examine periodically.
  2. Educate patient.
  3. Maintain good physician records.
  4. Ensure patient maintains good records also.
  1. Minimize retrograde menstruation.
  1. Combination birth control pills cyclically or continuously
  2. Danazol selectively
  3. GnRH selectively
  4. Pregnancy when appropriate
  5. Lactation when desired
  6. Tubal ligation selectively
  7. Repeat laparoscopic conservative surgery selectively.
  8. Apply new research insights to patient care.


  • Overview of Management


  1. Patient education to encourage active informed cooperation is a must.
  2. The diagnosis should be made early and accurately.
  3. The disease should be staged by the most up-to-date classification system.
  4. Immediate and long-term treatment options should be discussed with patient.
  5. Patient priorities should be respected: pain relief, fertility, health.
  6. An appropriate treatment plan should be agreed on.
  7. Copy of operative report and pathology reports should go to patient.
  8. Endometriosis Association membership should be encouraged.


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