Differin Gel is primarily used to treat acne

Differin Gel


Differin Gel

Differin is primarily used to treat acne. It is topical retinoid (active ingredient – adapalene) produced in the form of gel in a tube of 15g.

Differin fights abnormal processes in the skin, unclogs pores and clears up pimples, controls the buildup leading to acne, prevents new acne lesions from formation and helps to get rid of lesions that already exist. The gel gets under the skin and works there.

In the case of severe acne Differin may be used in complex with other medicines, including antibiotics.

When you use Differin, follow your doctor’s instructions. Before applying the gel wash and dry your skin. Apply a bit of gel to the affected area once in a day before going to bed. It shouldn’t get to your eyes, nose, lips or any of the mucous membranes. After applying the gel don’t touch the treated areas. Differin may change the color of your skin a bit, but don’t worry – it’s temporarily.

When you use Differin, avoid using soap or exfoliants. Don’t apply the gel on sunburnt, broken and infected skin.
The situation usually begins to change after a month or two. Use the gel until there’s no acne left. Before treatment talk to your doctor, in some cases Differing must be used with caution.


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