Elocon is an effective cream for treatment of psoriasis



Elocon is an effective cream for treatment of skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, different allergic reactions. Its active ingredient is mometasone furoate. Elocon reduces inflammation, swelling and redness by killing chemicals that cause them. It also normalizes immune reactions of the body.

Elocon Cream is usually applied to the affected area once a day. You should gently rub it till it is fully absorbed. Then wash your hands.

Before starting the treatment talk to your doctor and follow exactly his directions. Tell the doctor if you are allergic to medicines, or you have any infections, or you are pregnant, or breast-feeding.

Use the cream exactly as often as prescribed: if you use it less often, you may expect no good results; and using it more than needed is senseless. After four week course it is recommended to take a time-out unless the doctor says to continue treatment. Do not touch your eyes if your hands are in the cream on them. If you forgot to apply the cream in time, apply it as soon as you remember.


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