Emergency contraception

Emergency contraception is a medicament that a woman can use to prevent pregnancy after sexual intercourse, accomplished without protection (“unprotected” or “overt” sexual act), i.e. in emergency situations.
Emergency contraception is used after sexual intercourse. You have to understand that abortion is quite unpleasant and sometimes an expensive procedure. But this is not enough. Abortion can lead to a variety of complications, including infertility. So if your health and the health of your future children are important for you, use emergency contraceptives.


Emergency contraception


What is emergency contraceptive?

This is Morning-after Pill or it is also called the pill of the next day, a tablet on the morning after sex.


Morning-after Pill is a synthetic derivative of the hormone testosterone.


What you must remember:
Emergency contraceptive pills are only for emergency use and are not suitable for regular use as a contraceptive method. Frequent use of emergency contraception may cause side effects such as menstrual irregularities.


How does emergency contraception act?
The mechanism of emergency contraception is:
– suppressing or delaying ovulation;
– violation of the fertilization process,
– immobilization of sperm and egg transport,
– change properties of the endometrium, which prevents the introduction of a fertilized egg in the lining of the uterus.


If you have had an unexpected “unprotected” sexual intercourse without using contraception, there was a rape, you have used some method of contraception, but there was a “failure” (e.g. burst condom), do not despair, there is a way out! And it is Morning-after Pill. It is a fact that not each woman wants to become pregnant. About 50 worldwide million pregnancies end in abortion. The usage of emergency contraceptives in each corner of the world helped to reduce the number of abortions.


For unpleasant situations, there is Morning-after Pill that will prevent unintended pregnancy.
1 tablet is taken within 72 hours (preferably immediately) after unprotected sexual intercourse, 1 more tablet should be taken 12 hours after the first.
With multiple sexual acts – an extra tablet every 8 hours after the first. There is no more than 4 tablets per month.


As in the case of other emergency contraceptives, the effectiveness of Morning-after Pill depends on how quickly it passed. It is an exclusive new feature for emergency contraception.

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