Erythromycin 28 tablets

The antibiotic erythromycin is available for oral taking as tablets and capsules. The expiration date of the drug is 3 years.


The mechanism of action. Erythromycin is considered to be an antibiotic, it means that it is an antimicrobial drug which after prolonged influence to the microorganism population is able to destroy it saving at the same time our body. Similar to sulfonamides (for example, Norsulfazole and Streptocid) and antibiotics, Erythromycin is able to destroy the population of microbes in our body for 5 – 6 days after its continuous influence. At the same antimicrobial effect of an oral dose of erythromycin is very short – only 4 – 6 hours. Naturally, in such a short period of time the body infection can not be destroyed. This effect can be achieved only after repeated drug taking – namely, when you receive it every 4 – 6 hours for 5 – 6 days. Remember that Erythromycin – it is not an antiseptic. It is not able, like for example, ethyl alcohol, to cause an immediate destruction of all pathogens. Moreover, in the presence of Erythromycin the whole population of viruses, fungi and even some bacteria can exist.


Application. Nowadays Erythromycin should be regarded as a group of reserve antibiotic (it means reserve antibiotic). It should be used only in those cases when the antimicrobial effectiveness of sulfonamides and antibiotics from the penicillin group (for example, penicillin) is low, or when the patient is not able to use these substances for example because of allergies. Like Erythromycin, those substances can be used to treat the following infections: abdominal area of ​​the wound, breast inflammation, bronchitis, burn, ear purulent inflammation, frostbite,

pneumonia, scarlet fever, tonsillitis, as well as pressure ulcers and venous ulcers. It is necessary to take Erythromycin of 1 – 2 tablets (or capsules) inside every 4 – 6 hours for 5 – 6 days. The drug should be taken for a couple of hours before meal.


Complications. Short drug taking is relatively safe. Allergic reactions and short-term dysfunction of the digestive system may appear in very rare cases.


Contraindications. Erythromycin is contraindicated for women during pregnancy, people with hypersensitivity to the drug, as well as for those who are suffering from severe diseases of kidneys and liver.


Storage terms and conditions. This drug should be kept in a dry place, away from light. Keep away from children, at a temperature not above 25 ° C. The expiration date of the drug is 3 years.

Do not use after expiry date.

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