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Well, you have faced with such touchy and sensitive problem as vaginal sensation, burning, itching, dryness, discomfort… These things come between you and your work, prohibit from enjoying life. Sex with a beloved man does not present a departed joy, and often, vice versa, causes a pain. Dry vagina causes anguish of body and mind and emotional distress, is not it? Let us try to understand this homey question together.

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What can cause such vaginal discomfort as the vaginal dryness?


The first cause of the problem, along with other, are the antibiotics. Such drugs destroy all microorganisms – pathogenic bacteria, which cause various diseases as well as beneficial bacteria, which protect the body. The antibiotics kill beneficial lactic bacteria in the vagina, which produce lactic acid and acidic environment. Acidic pH acts as a protective substance of the vagina and prevents generation of the inimical bacteria. When the quantity of the lactic bacteria decreases the environment ceases to be acidic, that stimulates the growth of the pathogenic bacteria.

Another common cause of the vaginal burning and itching is hormonal failure. It happens with a decrease in levels of the female hormone estrogen, which stimulates the production of the natural lubricant by the vaginal glands. As a result, there is often the vaginal dryness upon occurrence of menopause when the estrogen levels are decreased.

Young women face with the problem after childbirth: the estrogen levels does nor decrease and normalize while a young mother is breastfeeding. This can cause a severe discomfort in the vagina after childbirth. There are also hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy. A tissue immunity is declined, resulting the vaginal dryness during pregnancy.

What to do if a woman faces the vaginal dryness?
The white hope is for the hormone replacement therapy. It is estrogen that effectively repairs the foregone vagina duties and regenerates blanket. The world-famous gynecologists urge to use hormone cream for dryness to address the challenge. The medication Premarin is rightfully considered to be one of the most powerful and effective estrogen cream for dryness that eliminates the vaginal dryness.
Typically, a successful result of Premarin treatment comes in a few days of treatment. There is increase of blood flow to the pelvis area, gradual thickening of the vaginal parietes, increasing quantity of the natural lubricant, elimination of the achiness during sexual intercourse.

What benefits can a woman, who uses Premarin, expect?
1. Quick and sure elimination of the vaginal itching, burning, sensation and dryness quickly and reliably.
2. Promotion natural flora restoration and maintenance of acidic pH in the vagina.
3. Regenerative process of the vaginal mucosa after treatment with antibiotics and past thrush.
4. A feeling of lasting moisture content and comfort.
5. Anti-inflammatory effect and promotion healing of the mucosa’s microdamages.



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How is it recommended to use Premarin?

Premarin has to be administrated into the vagina by dint of special sample applicator once a day for several weeks, then the procedure is performed for one to three times per week. It is recommended to perform a treatment at night.

Is there some additional recommendations for the vaginal dryness resolvability?

1. Avoid stress. Mental health also plays an important role in the women’s health. Try to avoid unnecessary problems and conflicts.
2. Drink more water. A lack of fluid in the body leads to the body’s “failure”. Thus, a lack of water is equal to the vaginal dryness.
3. Body care. Soap, hand lotions, bubble baths can also be the causes of the vaginal dryness. Use soap that does not contain harmful chemicals during your hygienic procedures.
4. Healthy eating. A balanced diet is probably a key factor to the vaginal health. Add the soy-based products to your diet.
5. Regular sex life. Continue to have a sexual life, giving more time to foreplay. This will give the body time to produce lubrication that relieves dryness.

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