Do You Need Both Diet and Exercise to Lose Weight?

Exercise to Lose Weight

When you’re trying to lose weight, diet and exercise work together. Personally I would start with diet. You can do all the exercise you want but if you spend the whole day stuffing your face with cream cakes, ice cream, chocolates and soda, you may not get very far.

I am a soda addict (Hi, I’m Ada, and I’m a soda addict). I went from working to being a stay-at-home mum full time. I was used to working some weekends and working at night. Suddenly I was on call for my family 24 hours a day. I was at home surrounded by food. I started binging on ice cream, chocolate chip cookies and sodas. Before, I could take 3 days to finish a packet of cookies. I graduated to 2 packets a day at the height of my addiction.

Everyone told me I was fat except the kids (bless them). They said I was just a bit “big”.
My “Aha!” moment came one day when I saw a reflection in a shop window. I saw a pale elephant copying my every move. Then it dawned on me. “That’s your reflection you silly woman!”.
I freaked out; I ditched the cookies and the ice cream. I just went cold turkey a few weeks before Easter, and I kicked the habit. Then I did the same thing the next year with the sodas.


Now I take these things once in a while without any guilt. At the same time I started exercising. Do you know why I think what you eat is 80% of the battle? Look at the numbers. A 145lb woman burns about 250 Cal by walking for 1 hour at about 5km/hr (walking fast for fitness and exercise). 5 Maryland chocolate chip cookie contain about 285Cal. So in a few bites, you’ve destroyed 1 hour of work.

I’m not a calorie counter. But I found out how many calories my favourite treats contained. After exercising I would work out approximately how many calories I’d burned. Each time I reached for a fattening ‘treat’ I compared it to how much exercise I had done that day. I figured out that if I ate it, I had just wasted my morning. I was eating almost twice as many calories in a few mouthfuls than I had suffered to burn in 1 hour. It just wasn’t worth it.

This worked for me, at least at the beginning. After a while I didn’t need to do it anymore. I learnt to do without some of my unhealthy addictions. You can try this tip or experiment to see what works for you. Whatever you do, commit yourself to it. A half-baked plan that you commit to is 100 times better than a wonderful plan that you don’t put into action.

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