External genitalia of the female

pics genitalia of the female

External Genitalia

The female urogenital triangle (Fig. 1) is separated into right and left halves by the pudendal cleft, which is bounded by the two labia majora. The labia majora emerge in front of the pubic symphysis and form the mons pubis. Inside the pudendal cleft are skin folds identi­fied as the labia minora, which are devoid of hair and subcutaneous fat. The labia minora join to form the prepuce of the clitoris superiorly and the frenulum of the clitoris inferiorly. The clitoris, which consists of the glans, a body, and two crura, is connected to the pubic symphysis by the suspensory ligament of the clitoris. The space between the two labia minora is designated the vestibule and opens into the vagina posteriorly and the urethra anteriorly. The ostia of the major vestibular glands (of Bartholin) are located between the vaginal orifice and labia minora. The opening of the vagina is partially closed by the hymen.


External genitalia of the female

Fig 1. External genitalia of the female.The labia majora flank the labia minora, and the urethal and vaginal orifices are seen between the labia minora.

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