Female condoms

Female condoms

Female condoms.

a. Female condoms look like a combination of a diaphragm and a condom.

b. The condoms are composed of soft polyurethane, with one end closed, one end open.

c. They come with extra lubricant.

d. Insertion: The closed ring is inserted into the vagina and covers the cervix. The open end covers the labia and base of penis

Position of female condom

Position of female condom

e. Removal: The open end is twisted to contain semen and the condom is discarded; it should never be reused.

f. Efficacy: There is a 5.1% pregnancy failure rate with perfect use; failure is 12.4% with average use. The FDA labeling states a 25% failure rate.

g. Advantages.

(1) Highly effective protection against HIV (94% protection) and all other sexually transmitted diseases

(2) May be used if male partner refuses to use a condom

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