Female pelvic floor, midsagittal view

Female pelvic floor

The Vagina

The vagina is approximately 9 cm long posteriorly and approximately 7 cm long anteriorly. It forms an angle with the uterus that is greater than 90 degrees (Fig. 2.). The recess posterior to the cervix is the posterior fornix, and there are similar but smaller recesses anteriorly and laterally. The posterior surface of the vagina is separated from the upper rectum by the rectouterine fossa. The middle portion of the rectum is separated from the vagina by the rectovaginal fascia (of Denonvillier), and the lower fourth is separated from the anal canal by the perineal body.

Female pelvic floor, midsagittal view

(Fig. 2.) Female pelvic floor, midsagittal view. The anterior limit of the perineal area is the pubic symphysis, and the posterior limit the coccyx, ust anterior to the anal canal is the perineal body, an important landmark and point of attachment for several perineal muscles, ligaments, and organs. Thе anterior parts of the two corpora cavernosa are seen as the clitoris, lying just inferior to the pubic symphysis. Note that the urethral orifice is about halfway between the clitoris and the vaginal opening. The peritoneal membrane, covering the superior surfaces of the organs located in the pelvis, forms two special areas, the vesicouterine fossa and the rectouterine fossa (or pouch of Douglas).

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