Female sexual arousal disorder

Feminine Power Feminine Power represents a good tool for solving the problem of female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD) and female sexual dysfunction (FSD) as a whole, ensuring satisfaction in terms of sexual needs and the pleasure of sexual intercourse.

Prerogatives of Feminine Power:

* Increase the level of testosterone in the blood;
* Increase libido;
* Increase sexual arousal;
* Increased sensitivity to stimulation;
* Multiple orgasms;
* Effective for women with a hysterectomy and menopause before age 50.
Effect of female Viagra is to relax smooth muscle cells of the small pelvis, which helps to improve blood flow to the vagina, clitoris, vulva and uterus. The erection of clitoris, increased allocation of natural lubrication and sensitivity for physical contact depend on this. For women it is a natural herbal sexual enhancer. Your partner will appreciate it.

Dosing and Administration

It should be taken ten minutes before sexual activity in order to get all natural sexual boost.

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