Hoodia Weight Loss Gum.


Hoodia Weight Loss Gum

Hoodia Weight Loss Gum is an innovative natural weight loss product that can complement a reputable weight loss diet and exercising. If used on a regular basis, the gum effectively diminishes a desire for additional food and snacks during the day without draining valuable energy.


Hoodia Weight Loss Gum is easy to use. Weight loss enthusiasts have to chew the gum 15-30 minutes before each main meal. Within minutes, you’ll feel the effect of reduced appetite the first time you start using it. Significant results to be proud of can be expected in a few weeks.

It is recommended to chew the gum at least for 15 minutes before your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To reach better results some people prefer to chew the gum more than 3 times a day. However, it is not recommended to overuse the gum. You are O.K. if you take up to 6 pieces of gum daily. Do not exceed the recommended dose of up to 6 pieces of gum per day.
Hoodia Weight Loss Gum is conveniently packed so that you could plan the stock of gum in advance and never run out of it. There are several packs available to choose from. You can buy:

a 1-month supply that includes 5 packages of gum, 12 pieces each;
a 2-months supply that includes 10 packages of gum, 12 pieces each;
a 4-months supply that includes 20 packages of gum, 12 pieces each;
a 6-months supply that includes 30 packages of gum, 12 pieces each.

The weight loss mechanism of Hoodia Weight Loss Gum is simple. The gum has a special molecule-sized compound that resembles glucose but it is 100,000 times more powerful. When you chew the gum, this compound is absorbed through capillaries in the mouth lining tissue and then gets immediately released to the bloodstream. It takes only several seconds for the compound to reach hypothalamus, bypassing other supplements that yet have to be adsorbed by the body, with a signal that no food is required. The hypothalamus turns off the appetite alarm system and you do not feel as hungry as you did before taking the gum. You may even stop thinking about food.

In case you accidentally miss your dose, take it as soon as you find it out.

Optimal storage temperature condition for Hoodia Weight Loss Gum is 59-77 degrees F (15-25 degrees C). The gum should be stored in a dry, dark place, away from heat, and out of reach of children and pets.

Hoodia Weight Loss Gum is made of 100% South African Hoodia, which has been safely used in South Africa for centuries. While Hoodia is considered a safe supplement, women and other people with special medical conditions are encouraged to consult their doctor prior to taking the supplement.

According to studies conducted in Leicester (U.K.), regular consumption of hoodia can decrease the weekly calorie intake by as many as 7,000 calories, which is equivalent to 4-6 ponds of lost weight a week. While Hoodia Weight Loss Gum is a powerful weight loss product, miracles it can make will be more impressive if it is supplemented with systematic exercising and a good weight loss diet.


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