Mixture of horse estrogens of natural origin

Premarin  Premarin is used to help women during the period of menopause and post menopause. The preparation is aimed to treat and prevent the following diseases:

– Vasomotor disorders of varying severity caused by estrogen deficiency (hot flashes, sweating);
– Atrophic vaginitis, atrophic urethritis;
– Osteoporosis, caused by estrogen deficiency;
– Female hypogonadism or primary ovarian failure.

Also the preparation reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and associated mortality in postmenopausal women.
It is an estrogen drug. It contains a mixture of horse estrogens of natural origin (conjugated estrogens), which are similar to endogenous estrogens. In the target tissues (organs of female urogenital system, breast, hypothalamus and pituitary) estrogen enters the cell and bind to nuclear estrogen receptors, regulates RNA and protein synthesis, causing metabolic effects.


Premarin. The Recommendations for Taken

Premarin is appointed as continuous or intermittent therapy (Administration – 3 weeks, Pause – 1 week).
In the case of continuous therapy, Premarin should be taken every day – 1 time per day. For the postmenopausal women treatment can be started at any time.
The dosage for patients with osteoporosis is 0.625 mg/day. The dosage for patients with hypogonadism and primary ovarian dysfunction is 0.625-1.25 mg/day. The dose is defined depending on the severity of symptoms.

Premarin. The Feedbacks
Climax “gave a kick” unexpectedly. There were chills and hot flashes at night and depression during the day. I was crying all the time. My gynecologist prescribed Pemarin treatment. The first weeks there were of no progress. But then things straightened out. The hot flashes disappeared, spirits rose. Everything normalized.
Susanna, 47 y.
Dear women, I am 55 years old, I take Premarin for 2 years already. The hot flashes were so strong that my life was insufferable! I almost did not sleep at night! Our GP prescribed me Premarin. The medication befits me very much and I forgot to think about all unpleasant symptoms of menopause. The drug does not build up a tolerance and the dose can be controlled by you.
Mollie, 55 y.
I am 51 years old woman. Before this August my menstrual cycle was normal, and two and a half months ago, everything begun. The hot flashes were terrible day and night at 20 minutes intervals, I timed. Sweatiness was intense. I saw the advertisement of Premarin and decided to try. In a week I felt myself much better. Then the climax’s symptoms left me. Now I take Premarin about a month, I feel like I am 30 years again.
Polly, 51 y.
After four months of menopause all “charms” of menopause began: hot flashes, high-pressure, and what are the worst – panic attacks! I had to visit neurologist. He advised the medicine Premarin. I have been taking the drug for two weeks and have forgotten about everything that tormented me. I am going to take this medicine and further.
Rachel, 45 y.m.

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