How safe is Yaz? A personal report

woman from Vienna Austria

woman from Vienna Austria

I am a 23 yrs old woman from Vienna, Austria. I suffered from acne since I was 14 yrs old and I can tell you how distressing it is to have pimples while trying to define your identity in a crucial age. Acne has been a constant source of distress for the past ten years or so. Needless to say, some acne just does not go away even after specific treatment. Many women confronted with persistent acne have therefore turned to birth control pills as a solution for their problem, not without medical advice of course. Anyway, what is it in the pill that makes it an effective remedy against acne in adult female? I will tell you something about my personal experience with a new product, Yaz, marketed by Bayer from Germany. But I also know friends who could tell you good things about Ovral G and other hormonal contraceptives.

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Yaz worked within two months!

It took well some time before I started to see clearer skin with the use of hormonal contraceptive for acne. I was advised by my medical practitioner about unpleasant side effects which are likely to show themselves like a sense of nausea, weight gain, irritability and, in general, the tendency to mood instability, headaches, and even high blood pressure. I was scared as I was told that depression may develop as a side effect too, but had none of the above symptoms during the time of contraceptive dosage. As a matter of fact, Yaz acted effectively against acne and in addition I was free of PMD problems as well. So I can but say that Yaz helped without unpleasant side effects.


How does Yaz work

While the normal  pill, for example Ovral G, has to be taken 21 days with a pause of seven days, Yaz has another dosage scheme: you take 24 hormone pills, afterwards 4 hormone free pills. A friend of mine told me her gynecologist explained that these hormone free pills in the Yaz package contain  gestagen drospirenon, which effectively reduces physical symptoms of PMDD such as breast tenseness or swelling. This is the reason why Yaz is more effective than other hormonal contraceptive, since you profit from a longer dosage and a more specific control of your cycle.


Yaz helped

My personal opinion is that if you suffer from skin problems and the psychological effects connected, you should consult a gynecologist and interview him/her about a treatment with Yaz or also Ovral G in order to clear up your skin. It helps many women to get back their self esteem and gain control over their menstrual cycle.

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