How should a woman treat the thrush effectively?

The antifungal drugs are used to treat women’ thrush. Some of such antifungal medicines are available at tablet form, while others are designed for external use. Typically, the treatment women’ thrush with the help of short-term antifungal drugs and takes a few days only.


Diflucan is one of the main preparations for treating women’ yeast infections. This medicine is characterized by a broad spectrum – the product kills all kinds of the Candida’s fungus and some other fungal organisms. Theoretically, to suppress most of the thrush’s symptoms just one pill is enough, but in some cases more prolonged treatment is required. Diflucan differs with systemic exposure, and therefore can cause side effects or allergic reactions.
It is worth to note that the more drugs for the thrush’s treatment you purchase, the less their total value is. It is recommended to cooperate with other women (for instance: relatives, colleagues and friends) also suffering the thrush.


As well as Diflucan, Nizoral is a medicine with a broad spectrum of anastalsis that neutralizes any harmful microorganisms. Nizoral is effective in treating the thrush and as the solution to prevent fungal diseases. Nizoral is recommended to use along with antibiotics to prevent yeast infections provoked by prolonged use of antibiotics. Although there are several significant drawbacks connecting with Nizoral: being a very powerful agent, this drug is harmful to liver and disrupts the work of adrenal glands, which are produced steroids.  


Butokonazol is another anti-fungal agent, intended for external use. Butokonazol is a part of almost all creams and ointments for the thrush’s and other fungal diseases’ treatment. While treating the women’ yeast infections with the help of such preparations the risk of side effects is extremely low (in fact, tends to zero), and to suppress the symptoms of the fungal disease requires a few days only. It should be noted that one of the drawbacks of the antifungal preparations with butokonazol is the ability to break down latex.


Terkonazol is one more antifungal drug available in the form of cream or vaginal suppositories. To treat the women’ thrush with the help of terkonazol three days only is required. Here it sould be noted that this medicine has few side effects. Some women can feel headaches, fever and symptoms similar to symptoms of colds. In addition, terkonazol contains oils that break down latex.


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