How to choose a birth control method?

Planned parenthood is nowadays the widely discussed theme which is really vitally important for any individual planning thoroughly her or his own life. In most cases of unplanned pregnacies women chose that birth control method which did’t happen to be effective enough to prevent pregnancy alone. Usually it’s worthy to combine a basic birth control method with a backup one to guarantee your life plans going on without changes. There is plenty of methods modern women can choose nowadays: IUD ( intrauterine device), birth control implant, shot, pills, ring, patch, breastfdeeding, diaphragm, male and female condoms, sponge, cervical cap, spermicide, withdrawal, or fertility-awareness based methods. Each of them is more or less effective, with more or less side effects. It’s up to a woman and her health control provider to decide whether to use 91 – 98 percent effective yaz oral contraceptive pills or to prefer a nearly 100 percent effective female sterilization or male vasectomy. That’s why doctors highly recommend women to answer at least twenty or even more questions before they decide which method fits their lifestyle.

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What are those key answers which any woman should give to find the best basic birth control method for herself? First of all, the health condition should be taken into account to prevent further health problems. For example, are you allergic to latex or spermicide?  Do you have certain inherited blood-clotting disorders, diabetes or high blood pressure? Are you 35 years old or older? Do you smoke? So, each “yes” or “no” gives “for” or “against” certain birth control method. Won’t you forget to get your ovral l  pill at the same time every day? If you are not sure, it’s necessary to make a note on the most visible place or to make it a first-thing in the morning. That’s what the doctors say, as for hormonal methods the regular using is the most important rule to follow. More over, they advise to use a backup method, such as male or female condoms, for example, which can also protect you from HIV and other STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), but remember not to use them combined. Besides, they recommend to always have emergency contraception (morning-after pill) on hand to interrupt pregnancy at certain stages.



To continue the list of questions it’s worthy to mention costs women can afford to pay for a certain birth control method. It  can cost hudreds for dollars at once but can last for years, or you can pay smaller amounts over time, even though it will be finally more expensive in the long run. Both barrier and hormonal contraception methods, such as diaphragm, sponge, ring, patch or yaz oral contraceptive pills, are the most available ones. Such methods as IUD and implant are more expensive and need to be changed in several years. The most expensive birth control methods can cost up to several thousand dollars but give lifelong guarantee.


So, if a woman or a man doesn’t plan to have a child biologically, she or he can choose for themselves the nearly 100 percent guarantee. If they still hope to have a baby and ready to regularly take ovral l pills, for example, or negotiate with the partner a condom use, it’s time to frankly discuss this delicate and vitally important question with a doctor, who should ask much more necessary questions before prescribing this or that birth control method. Every woman should avoid using these methods herself without having a consultation with a specialist and without reading all notifications and prescriptions on any birth control method to keep her body healthy enough to once become a happy mother by plan.

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