How to determine whether it is the thrush?

In order to prevent the thrush and to begin its treatment at an early stage, it is important to know how the thrush looks. There are several signs of this disease, allowing identifying the infection at an early stage.

  •               I.      The discharges from vagina

One of the thrush’s first signs is the appearance of the characteristic vaginal discharges: white or yellowish, with a cheesy texture, often with an unpleasant odor.

  •            II.      Foul smell

One of the hallmarks of the thrush and other fungal infections is a foul smell. The foul smell is a consequence of proliferation of the fungal microorganisms. For women this consequence of the yeast is one of the most unpleasant consequence, not only physically but also psychologically. Therefore, while treating the yeast infections it is particularly important to monitor the personal hygiene closely. Warm bath with salt or baking soda helps to get rid of the foul smell.

  •          III.      The skin irritation, the rash’s appearance

The rash, white formations or irritation of the skin are a typical symptoms of the yeast. One of the characteristic symptoms of excessive amounts of the fungal organisms in vagina is the appearance of white masses, which are certificated about the damage of the skin’s upper layers. If the rash or similar masses are the anti-fungal drugs for external application should be used

One of the first and most common symptoms of the thrush and other fungal infections is the itching and the burning sensation during urinating. The antifungal cream or ointment as well as tea tree oil are common ways to treat thrush at home.


Pain during sexual intercourse

Another characteristic feature of thrush is pain during sexual intercourse. The reason of this pain is inflammation and swelling of the vaginal walls due to excessive propagation of the fungal microorganisms. It is recommended to take time off from sex (while treating the thrush). It should be done not only in order to avoid unpleasant sensations, but also to reduce the risk of a partner.

Vaginal Thrush

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