How to enlarge breasts?

How to enlarge breasts?
Not only teenager girls but also adult women worry about this matter, because they are not satisfied with the size of their breasts. They are sure that small breasts are rather unattractive and do not excite the men. It is true that the women who have the third or the fourth breast size attract more men. They have the possibility to wear more sexy dresses, they do not need bras with foam rubber.




Let’s just decide what the women would like to have. So, they want to have volume, sexy, rounded and elastic breast. There are special creams and encapsulated nutritional supplements for breast enhancement. The most popular of them are Breast Actives capsules. They contain 13 components affecting the breast size. This is a non-hormonal kind of medicine, so capsules have no effect on weight. Manufacturers claim that these capsules cause growing of glandular breast tissue. One package consists of 90 capsules. The minus is that their influence is very short. When a woman stops taking the capsules and the breasts reduce to the common natural size again.
Breast Actives capsules for breast enlargement have a large set of ingredients that promote the growth of breast tissue. The unique combination of components of Breast Actives leads to a breast size increasing in three dimensions for 6-9 months.


  • How to Make Your Own Natural Breast Enlargement Lotion

    Many women are not satisfied with the small size, lack of elasticity or sagging of their breasts. Usually the ways of breast improvement require surgery or cost too much cost. Breast Actives is an alternative medicine, which is not only cheaper and safer, but also it doesn’t cause any side effects. Breast Actives stimulates the growth of breast tissue. The drug is effective in any age, it doesn’t depend on initial breast size and physical condition of women.
    At puberty, the hormones estrogens start to secrete. It stimulates breast growth. Duration of the period and the number of allocated hormones are responsible for size, shape and fullness of the breast. Shortened puberty or low production of estrogen, prolactin, prostaglandins and progesterone can cause underdevelopment of secondary sexual characteristics, such as breasts. In the post-protubertal period the number hormones affecting breast size reduces and therefore the growth of mammary glands slows down. Breast Actives is safe and recommended for the girls over 13. Breast Actives helps to increase breast tissue, and this medicine does not stimulate production of breast milk.

    The next stage in the development of breast tissue occurs during pregnancy and lactation, when it increases also rapidly.
    Breast Actives capsules contain only the high quality natural ingredients that are natural steroid phytonutrients. The first changes in the breast tissue growth can be seen after the taking of Breast Actives for two months. At the same time intensifying of the mammary glands growth is accompanied by slight pain or mild discomfort. The chest line increases up to 3 inches (7.5 cm). The result of the drug has no ill effect on the women health, looks naturally and it is a constant.

    The Results Breast Actives taking by girls aged 13-21

    At this age the desired result is achieved more quickly. A significant increase in mammary glands is observed after Breast Actives taking in less than three months. Noticeable effect can be seen within 30 days of treatment. This age group is characterized small unpleasant effects of Breast Actives taking, for example, pricking and tingling in the breasts. There is also a rapid lip completion, which, however, disappears after the course ending.
    The Results of Breast Actives taking by women aged 22-35

    At this age the effect of Breast Actives is observed within the period of 60 days. At the same time women have the following effects: the breast size enlargement, the hanging-down reducing, breast wrinkles flattering, lips enlargement. The last one goes away quickly after the course ending. Also the women may notice the increasing of nails and hair growth

    The Results of Breast Actives taking by women aged 36-55

    At this age the effect of the drug develops slowly. Only a few reports tell about the result achievement in a period of in 30-45 days of Breast Actives taking. However, the positive results have been noticed.

    The Results of Breast Actives taking by women over 56

    At this age the women are the most sensitive to the stimulation of the pituitary gland, which is due to low hormonal level characteristic of the menopause.

    The package form: a plastic bottle with 90 capsules
    The treatment method: Take as a dietary food additive, 3 capsules daily during a meal or with a glass of water. Composition: fenugreek extract, palmetto extract, fennel seeds, L-Tyrosine, Mexican wild yam, brown algae powder, Angelica, Damian, woodruff, extract of black cohosh, oat, Knikus, Hops 30. It is recommended to take a daily dose of drug (3 capsules).
    Inactive Ingredients: Partially hydrogenated cottonseed oil natural (component is registered in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia), magnesium stearate, peppermint leaf, gelatin.
    Do not exceed 9 capsules a day.





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