How to Lose Weight before Getting Pregnant?


One of the most important factors for successful impregnation is a correct and well-balanced diet. Let us do not forget that the excess weight has a negative impact on the reproductive function, both women and men.


Following the given below principles you will develop healthy habits, which will allow you to work off the excess weight, to keep fit as well as to improve your health significantly!


Belly fat is not burned during the time, when you are at work upon the abdominal muscles. Of, course, you will get a prelum, but it will be under a layer of fat. Therefore, your belly will be even expanded. To burn the belly fat it is recommended to suck in and toughen muscles of abdomen all the time.

In the morning, drink 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach with lemon, then in 10 minutes take 2 tablespoons of olive or flax oil (to have right body fat for the breast and right menstrual cycle).

In 10-15 minutes – breakfast. It has to be substantial and nutrient-enriched, in order to give a signal to the body that it is time to wake up and to provide it energy for the whole day.

Do not wash down and do not drink after eating another 40 minutes! Drinking at table slows digestion and leads to body fat deposition.
Take food often, but bit by bit. In a perfect world, you have to take meals 5 times a day every 3 hours in the same time to blow metabolism and to make the body work properly.

Saunas do not burn fat; sauanas just remove water from the body that is reverted in 2 hours.
Not to take meals after 6 p.m. is just a set phrase. It is recommended not to take meals in 3-4 hours before bedtime.
Take only protein foods after 4 p.m. Fats and carbohydrates taken afternoon are turned into belly fat.




Moreover, a wise ancient science of health Ayurveda offers us simple-to-use and time-proven methods , following which,
you can get your weight back to normal!


In recent years, the unique healing systems of the human body and mind have being brought back to life thanks to many followers and keepers of Ayurveda knowledge. On the basis of the latest knowledge in the field of the molecular biology there were developed powerful and effective health care natural products that help our body to tap reserves faster and, consequently, to prepare to conceive a healthy baby.


Ayur Slim Weight Regulator is rightly seen one of the most powerful Aurvedic natural product for the weight loss.



AyurSlim Capsules regulate body weight in three ways:
– the medication reduces urge for food, thereby reducing fats and carbohydrates intake;
– the medication leads to the nutrients’ optimal utilization;
– the medication embarrasses synthesis of the fatty acids that reduces adipopexis.


• This Himalayan formula is the result of ancient Ayurvedic knowledge plus modern researches and careful scientific analysis.
• The product is produced according the strict standards of the modern pharmaceutical and food technology. It is approved for use by FDA (the Food and Drug Administration).


AyurSlim Capsules have a favorable effect on the weight reduction. The product is made of herbs; it is 100% natural that is why it does not have any side effects. Meshashringi and Vrikshamla stimulate and improve metabolism and Guggulu reduces fat and toxins in the tissues.
It is recommended to take 2 capsules twice a day, after meals. Ayur Slim should be used together with a diet every day. The effect comes during 1st month of the product’s administration!
The medication regular use leads to the weight reduction by 6-9 kg during 6 months (depending on such factors as the physical activity level and dieting). Despite the fact that effect of the preparation’s administration is felt after 4-6 weeks, it is necessary to use it at least 3 months to achieve the best results.


Why you need to lose weight


Another effective way to lose weight that the Tibetan medicine advises – is stimulation of the specific acupuncture points on the external ear.

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