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This happens with you every month. Things are going well, and suddenly in 1-2 weeks before the menstruation, you are getting volatile, sharp, gloomy and overly sensitive. You can not concentrate, there are headaches, swelling, and overfatigue. Some women experience esurience or get tearfulness. These symptoms are being gradually intensified as the menstrual days are being approached.
Slight headache often manifests during PMS, but sometimes migraine attacks are accompanied by severe pains and vomiting. In addition, women sometimes suffer from exquisite pain in their bust.



Is PMS a problem for all women?
8 among 10 women in the world suffer from the premenstrual syndrome. From 1% to 5% of women experience serious problems that affect their personal life and work. It is worth to note that the PMS symptoms are less after delivery of a child and with aging.


How to Cure PMS with Food


Percentage of women experiencing different PMS symptoms


pms-escape Be in flight from the PMS!

Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid the premenstrual syndrome completely, but you can relieve its manifestations greatly, going in for sport. Sure, you think, “Oh, no! The last thing I want to do now is to change into a fitting tightly jumpsuit and to go for a run!” Many women think the same; however, moderate physical activity during the premenstrual syndrome can stop painful abdominal cramping and improve your mood.
You can just go for a run or walk briskly along the park, practice yoga or pilates. One of the best sports is swimming in the pool during the PMS. Of course, when you are protected properly you can go to the swimming pool during all menstruation days.

pms-escape Do not eat too much!

As luck would have it we want to treat ourselves with sweeties and other “forbidden” foods during the premenstrual syndrome. The reason for this mental weakness and desire for the gastronomic gluts are fluctuations in hormonal levels during these days.
Therefore, we must remember that the more decent in foods we are, the more free from pain PMS manifestations we get. Do not eat or eat less chocolate, fancy bread and other sweets, avoid fast food. Try to eat natural foods only and drink much water. And the body will remunerate for your care: painful cramps, bloating and indigestion will not trouble you anymore.

pms-escape Sleeping, sleeping, sleeping!

A woman feels fatigue and lasting drowsiness during the PMS. This is for a reason – our body wants more rest in these days. During sleep, your body gets rid of the accumulated fatigue. To make your sleep sounder, drink less coffee and tea. The main rule: use every opportunity to get some sleep!

pms-escape Grandma’s secret!

Mothers’ and grandmothers’ tips sometimes seem to be naive, but they are right this time! Put warm heating pad on your lower abdomen, and you will feel relief. Thermal effects relieve spasm of the uterus smooth muscles, improves the bowel motility and just helps to relax. Dime-size children’s sodium acetate heating pad, which nobody notices because it can be covered with clothing, can help you in the office.

pms-escape Healthy eating!

However, the best solution to prevent the PMS is healthy eating. It is very simple. Generally, the PMS occurs due to magnesium deficiency. It is magnesium that helps to produce the body such hormone as dopamine. This is the main “happiness hormone”. In addition, magnesium regulates metabolism helps absorption of vitamin C, calcium and potassium as well as provides good health of the heart and teeth.


In order to increase the amount of magnesium in the body and reduce the PMS, it is enough to add foods rich in magnesium to your diet. Such as lemon, grapefruit, apples, nuts (especially almonds), all of the legume family and any other green color vegetables.

pms-escape Pharmacy!

Many women use pain medications during the premenstrual syndrome. There are many herbal medicines in addition to the traditional medicines, which help to ease pain and discomfort during the PMS.


Evecare is one of the most famous products (designed for women) of the Himalaya Drug Company. It is based on the herbal extracts. The med is effective in the treatment of the menstrual disorders and the premenstrual syndrome, has a stimulating effect on the uterus and ovaries.

Remember! You do not have to suffer during these days. If the PMS symptoms are too florid and you can not get rid of them by the listed ways, you have to see the doctor. According to the position of the modern medicine, too painful periods and florid PMS are the pathology that has to be treated. The times, when women pangs were passing for normal during these days, became a thin of the past.


Several ways to combat PMS


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