How to Treat Drug Addiction?



First of all, it should be noted that a body’s need for its own endorphins reduces as a result of drug consumption and a body starts “to cry for” more and more doses of drugs. The American scientists have come up with an invention of a new medication – Naltrexone to clench this global matter.

Naltrexone is a powerfull effective narcotic antagonist that blocks the effect of heroin and methadone (amidone, adanon, phenadone, dolofine, physeptone and other opium-containing substances). It is long-acting medication with low side effects, reduced cost and overstability.


Drug addiction as a treatable disease
Drug addiction is a treatable disease. Restoration to health and strength is possible at any periods of addiction. There are many ways to be freedom of drug addiction: the medication Naltrexone is one of the most effective treatment.


Drug addiction’s treatment


Naltrexone provides long-term protection of the opiate drugs. It is the most effective way to treat opiate addiction today. The effectiveness of the blocking is 80-90%.

The basic principle of drug addiction treatment with Naltrexone is creating a situation, when the opiate drugs consumption becomes forbidding as it leads to a stong feeling unwell. The addictive drugs use in the period of action of the drug-blocking agent Naltrexone leads to the development of the withdrawal syndrome: nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, pain in muscles and joints.

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