How to treat menstrual disorders?

Ovral-G: let you genital system runs like clockwork.


I have got the menstrual disorders. Is it a health hazard’s evidence or just a minor abnormality?

In these latter days, according to expert opinion, the menstrual disorders are one of the most common diseases in gynecology. Almost 50% of women suffer from the menstrual disorders.

Let’s start with the fact, what is Menstrual disorder? Menstrual disorder is a consequence of the hormonal ovarian dysfunction. It declares itself as a suppression of menses as well as irregular menses.

Many women often do not pay attention to this problem, believing that it is their constitutional peculiarity. However, the menstrual deficit is often may be a health hazard’s evidence. The normal menstrual period should last no more than 3-7 days and the interval between periods should be 21-35 days.


What should I do to treat the menstrual disorders?
If the cause of the menstrual disorders are different levels of female hormones in the blood, the best solution is Ovral G for a period of 3 months. This period of time is very often enough to make the body works properly.
Number of the clinical studies have proved that the medication is perfect in the treatment of the menstrual disorders caused by the different levels of female hormones in the blood.


Why is Ovral G powerful and effective medication in the treatment of the menstrual disorders?
Ovral G is two strong agents: progestin and ethinyl estradiol that work simultaneously providing double curative effect.
Estradiol is a natural female hormone estrogen. It stimulates the proliferation of the genitals’ epithelial tissue, including the uterine mucous membrane’s regenerative process at the beginning of the menstrual cycle.
The drug’s progesterone component is levonorgestrel – the synthetic origin agent. Levonorgestrel’s activity surpasses a yellow body’s natural progesterone. Levonorgestrel stimulates transition of an endometrium proliferating stage to a secretory stage. The process reduces the excitability of the uterine tubes’ and metra’s unstriated muscles, increases the formation of the mammary glands and inhibits ovulation.
Because of these two agents working, the periods normalizes and a woman’s genital system runs like clockwork.


Does Ovral G present my body certain additional bonuses?
The medication Ovral G provides your body the following additional bonuses:
a) Stimulation of metabolism of the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and electrolytes in the body
b) Prevention of the osteoporosis bones’ development.
c) Elimination of the mental and physical symptoms of menopause
d) Reduction of probability of heart diseases and blood vessels’ progression.


Note! The medication Ovral G is approved for use FDA (U.S Food and Drug Administration)!


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