The most effective preparations for hyperthyroidism treatment is Neomercazole

Hyperthyroidism is a state, characterized by increased thyroid function. The increased levels of the thyroid hormones in blood – Graves’ disease are characterized for hyperthyroidism. Graves’ disease occurs when there is such thyroid gland disease as hyperthyroidism.
Most often, these are women, who are susceptible to hyperthyroidism. The incidence rate is 17-20 per 1,000 women, and men no more than 2 cases of 1000. Typically, hyperthyroidism develops between the ages of 20 to 50 years. To date one of the most effective preparations for hyperthyroidism treatment is Neomercazole.


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Neomercazole. A Chemical Formula

Neomercazole. What is the Preparation?
Neomercazole is the preparation, used to decrease the production of the thyroid hormones in the case of its hyperactivity disorder (Graves’ disease).




Neome. How does it work?
Neomercazole has antithyroid effect, damages the thyroid hormones synthesis. The medication blocks a peroxydase enzyme, involved in the iodination of the hormone in the thyroid gland.


Neomercazole. What are the Indications for Administration?
1) Hyperthyroidism – suffer from hyperthyroidism and hyperthyroid (including Graves’ disease, thyrotoxic crisis), especially hen there small increase or normal thyroid volume, as well as in younger patients (a conservative treatment);
2) A long-term maintenance therapy of hyperthyroidism, when because of the general state or for the personal reasons, it is impossible to provide a radical treatment (in extraordinary circumstances);
3) Prevention of Graves’ disease, when the iodine preparations have been prescribed (including the cases of the iodinated radiopaque contrast agents), when there is latent hyperthyroidism, autonomous adenomas, or a history of hyperthyroidism.

Neomercazole. What are the medication’s advantages?
Neomercazole participates in the formation of the energy, required for the proper work of a total body, regulates metabolism and the various vital processes from ventilation to reproductive function.
Neomercazole resolves the root of the abnormalities’ causes. The preparation restores the functional activity and morphological structure of the thyroid gland. The result of this is a hormone levels’ normalization and the pathological changes’ disappearance.


Neomercazole. The Treatment Success
Neomercazole development was due to the fact of the unsatisfactory statistics of the treatment efficacy with other medications for the treatment of hyperthyroidism. More than 80% of the patients experienced remission after taking Neomercazole. More than that, Neomercazole does not have such harmful side effects as: allergic reactions and malignant granulocytopenia.




Neomercazole. The Medication’s Peculiarities
Administration of the drug Neomercazole does not suppose life-long use. Typically, the clinical improvements are observed after the first course of treatment, and a complete restoration of the functional activity (the hormones level normalization) and the morphological of the thyroid gland’s structure are achieved after the second or third course of treatment.

The optimal dose and regimen of Neomercazole are selected on the basis of the diagnosis, the thyroid body’s state at the time of treatment and duration of the disease.

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