Holiday weight loss

I went on holiday for about 5 weeks during the summer. To be quite honest I expected to put on some weight. I had lots of ice cream, sodas and potato chips (crisps). I had managed to avoid all these “treats” to a large extent before I went on holiday and one thing really helped me. I found out how many calories I would burn if I used a stationary bike, walked, jogged or did aerobics for example, for 30 minutes.

At my present weight I would have to walk at 2miles/hr for 30 minutes to burn off the calories in one serving of sour cream & onion flavoured Pringles potato chips. When you’re struggling to squeeze in some exercise time into your busy day, this kind of information tends to put things into perspective. What is the point? You’re better off eating something that has the same number of calories that will help you stay full for longer I told myself instead of undoing all my hard work I had done to get trim.

When you’re out having fun with your family, you tend to be a little less strict about what you eat. Well that’s my excuse for all the waist expanding and artery-clogging “goodies” I treated myself to.

The good news for me? I didn’t get fatter. My weight stayed the same. In fact some of my waistbands and trouser legs were a bit loser than before. Who would have thunk it? I wonder what would have happened if I’d cut out the junk that I ate over those 5 weeks.


intesive weight training

I think the intesive weight training I did before I left may have helped. I did 3 weeks of Cathe Friedrich’s “Slow and Heavy” dvd with about 20 minutes of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) just before I went on holiday.

My next target is to lose another dress size by Christmas. It is achievable if only I don’t lose focus. Fingers crossed, I’ll make it.


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