Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Review

A Wall Street Journal report that estimated that Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred was the best selling fitness video ever made and released for mass consumption. I gave it a shot just to see if it was indeed better than all the other work out videos in my growing collection. Here is what I found.

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Review


How is 30 day shred structured?

The video gives the viewer three separate workouts that can be elevated to higher resistance levels for more metabolic demand. They are twenty minutes long and follow her signature 3-2-1 format. Three minutes of resistance training, then two minutes of pure cardio, followed by one minute of core centered movements. Each of these routines comes with a warm up and cool down stretching period.


The Best Aspects of 30 day shred

  • I didn’t know it was her, but she was a trainer on The Biggest Looser program. Her attitude is indeed a driving force, and that physique of hers is to die for. After taking in this video and using it for a few weeks, I can see what those contestants must have been going through.
  • The workouts are indeed taxing and get the blood flowing. Of course losing weight has a lot to do with calories in vs. calories out, and these routines got me sweating really hard. They are quick and go by in a flash, perfect for a working mom to polish off in the morning, at nap time, at lunch, or in the evening.

What I didn’t enjoy about 30 day shred

  • The music could be better, but thankfully there is a mute feature. I prefer dance music myself.
  • She is great when it comes to instruction, however, in my opinion there is not enough time given to the form aspects. Because I am used to these types of videos, my body is accustomed, but for beginners, their form may suffer a bit.
  • After I have gone through the three workouts a few times, not only do they begin to lose their luster, but my body starts to ache for something different. What I did was add in a few extra exercises which I incorporate by pausing the video.

Do I regret buying 30 day shred?

No, I don’t regret purchasing this video. Not only will I be using it regularly, with my little additions mixed in, but am also going to look into what else Jillian Michaels has available. While she is totally mainstream fitness and a celebrity trainer, which I typically shy away from these days, she is awesome, inspiring, and an effective driving force.

Her workouts do the trick for sure, and I would advise anyone who is new to them to eat a solid balanced meal roughly forty minutes before jumping into them. You can start slow and work into them, which I did years ago with these types of videos. In the end the price of all my videos pales in comparison to what others spends on gyms and trainers. 30 day shred rocks.


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