Blast the fat- lose more weight with interval training

When you want to have some fun, exercise is not usually the first thing that comes to mind. Most of us exercise because we’re trying to lose some weight or we want to become healthier. You will definitely feel good about yourself after you exercise (minus the possible aches and pains of course). Anything that gives you more bang for your buck has got to be a good thing. That is where interval training comes in.

What is interval training


What is interval training?

Intervals can be defined as alternating periods of high and low intensity exersise. To decode that, it simply means that you work out really hard, then ease up and then work out really hard again. For example, you may walk really fast for 2 minutes then slow down for 3 minutes then speed up again for 2 minutes and so on.

You can also do intervals that aren’t timed, known as fartleks. This means that instead of timing yourself, you speed up and rest according to how your body feels, speeding up when you’re rested and slowing down when you’re feeling breathless.



The great thing about intervals is that you can do them with virtually any form of aerobic exercise that you do, e.g. walking, running, biking, swimming e.t.c. and also on gym equipment like the treadmill, elliptical trainer or stationary bike.

Benefits of interval training

Incorporating intervals into your exercise routine has lots of benefits:

  • It burns more calories
  • Can be a great way to start a new form of aerobic exercise like jogging
  • Builds endurance
  • It relieves boredoom

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